How to Trade in Pokemon Go Game (Helpful Guide)

how to trade in pokemon go

how to trade in pokemon go

In Pokemon Go, you can trade with a friend within 100 meters of you. To trade, open your Trainer Profile, click on the Friends tab, select your trade partner, and notify them. The details of the Pokemon you want to craft will then be displayed. You can then exchange your Pokemon with your friend! The article will guide you in detail to learn the basics of the game.

What Level is Required to Trade in Pokemon Go?

Trading in PokemonGo requires at least Trainer level 10 to trade with other players. Pokemon stats can change randomly, so knowing what you are trading is important. You can see what the Pokemon’s CP and HP are, and you can even check if the Trainer level of the Pokemon you’re trading with matches yours. The higher your Friendship level is, the more powerful a Pokemon’s stats will be.

However, trading is possible only if you have at least one of the Pokemon you’re trading. You can only make up to 100 trades a day. You also need to be within 40km of each other. Ideally, you should avoid meeting strangers to trade Pokemon. You can find a friend on your Friends list that you’d like to trade with and click ‘Trade’ to start trading.

Before you can start trading in Pokemon Go, you must have at least one friend within 100 meters of you. Once you’ve made contact, you can click the ‘Trade’ button beside the ‘Send Gift’ option and select the Pokemon you wish to trade. Now choose your TradePartner to see their Pokemon details and see whether they know the moves. Once you’ve decided which Pokemon to trade, you can trade your Pokemon for the same one. The trade will cost a certain amount of Stardust, but the cost decreases as you progress in friendship.

Tools for Trading

  • Pokémon Go app
  • A nearby friend with the Pokémon Go app
  • Stardust

How to Trade in Pokemon Go

Quick Steps to Learn

  • To play the game live within a 100 range with your friend.
  • Press the trade game button to start playing the game trade.
  • Choose your FavoritePokemon and send it to complete the trade.

Pokémon Go requires you to go outside and look for Pokémon in real-world locations. If you stay within your local area, you probably won’t be able to catch them all.

You can trade creatures with a nearby friend to get what you need, which is where trading comes in.

The Cost of Stardust Special Trades

Special trades in Pokemon GO cost a lot of Stardust. Sometimes they cost as much as 1,000,000 Stardust. This is a huge amount to spend to trade a Pokemon. Luckily, there are ways to earn more Stardust without spending all of it at once.

The cost of a special trade decreases significantly as you level up. For example, a 1,000,000 Stardust trade can be reduced to 800 by leveling up to Best Friends. However, reaching that level may take as long as 7 days.

Trading Pokemon in Pokemon Go isn’t hard, but it does require a certain amount of Stardust. First, you need to have a trainer above level 10, so you can complete special trades with them. Secondly, you must know how much Stardust each Pokemon costs. When you have enough Stardust, you can exchange Pokemon with your friends.

Depending on the type of Pokemon you want to trade, the amount of Stardust will vary. For example, if you’re trading a Legendary Pokemon, you’ll need more Stardust than a Shiny one. You’ll need even more if you’re trading a Pokemon, not in your Pokedex.

Can Gamers Trade with friends within a 100-Meter Range in Pokemon?

Yes! Gamers can trade with their friend, but before you can trade with your friend in Pokémon Go, you must have been friends for at least one day and exchanged at least one gift. Friendship levels affect the amount of Stardust you’ll be charged for each trade, so trading with your friend’s Pokemon with a higher friendship level will cost you a lower price. Friendship discounts will apply to lower evolutions, so you should trade the lowest evolution first.

  • Must be in the 100-meter range with the trading friend.
  • Once you find the nearest friend, open the trainer profile and click the friend’s tab.
  • Choose the trade option and notify the friend.
  • After accepting your request, choose the CartoonPokemon you want to trade.

Besides trading with friends in Pokemon Go, you can also trade Pokemon with yourself. If you’re in a remote area, it’s best to trade with nearby trainers. But remember that you can only make 100 trades daily with friends, so you may want to try meeting a friend before trading.

·        Evolutions Of Pokemon Traded to Friends

In Pokemon GO, Evolutions of Pokemon can be traded to friends, though the evolution process is not the same. Pokemon that can be evolved through trade can’t be traded back to their original Trainers. However, you can use Lures to make certain Pokemon evolve. These lures appear near certain Pokemon, so when these Pokemon approach them, they will be presented with a special evolution option. For example, if you have a Feebas, you can use the lure to evolve it into a Graveler.

Evolutions of Pokemon traded to friends can be a great way to level up your Pokemon. They will cost you less than Stardust and take half as much to power up. However, the trade process is imperfect, so you should be careful when trading. Pokemon that can be evolved by trading include Boldore, Graveler, Gurrdurr, Haunter, Conkeldurr, and Golem.

In Pokemon GO, you can trade one Pokemon to another, but you can OnlyTrade one per Pokemon. Once you trade with a friend, it stays with them. You can’t change the Pokemon you traded to your friend afterward.

Final Words

Pokemon GO is an amazing game, and it has inspired many people to get out into their local community and interact with their neighbors. Unfortunately, it also has become an opportunity for scammers and other frauds. To protect yourself from these attacks, you need to learn how to do a trade. One of the first steps to doing a trade is to know what items you can trade for items in Pokemon GO. So go deep dive into the article, and I hope this article will be helpful for you.

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