Private Carers Available in Our Area

It can be hard for family members to manage their loved ones’ care. Hiring a private caregiver is time-consuming and requires interviewing candidates, performing background checks, and arranging sick and holiday cover.

A home carer can help relieve feelings of loneliness and isolation by providing companionship and emotional support. They can also assist with daily tasks and hobbies.
Personalized Care

Private Carers offer a one-to-one care service that can be tailored to the individual’s needs, schedule and preferences. This is in contrast to nursing homes and other forms of state-funded care, where a fixed schedule may not always accommodate individual requirements.

Private carers can be employed by a family directly, or work for fully-managed care agencies like Nurse Next Door. Agencies can offer a more streamlined process and help with things such as hiring, payroll and background checks. However, they can be more expensive than hiring a privately-employed carer.

Families who employ their own carer have the legal responsibility to make sure they have holiday and sickness cover in place, as well as managing a contract of employment. This can be stressful for families and often leads to a lack of continuity of care. This can be particularly challenging for people with a memory-related condition such as dementia, where familiarity is key. It is therefore often preferable to use an agency.
Staying in Your Own Home

Home care can be a big decision for you and your family. It is important to explore the options available. A home care agency can provide you with information about local services and help you make a decision that will meet your needs. They can also assist with finding funding sources that may be available in your area.

A major benefit of living at home with carers is that you can continue to enjoy all the comforts of your own home. This includes your own personal possessions. You can also choose when to wake, bathe, sleep and eat. It is also possible to visit friends and family when you wish without worrying about visiting hours and check-in processes that may be followed in a care facility.

Many people choose to hire private caregivers rather than going through an agency, which can save money, but you will need to take on the responsibility of interviewing, background checks, and verification of credentials as well as manage payroll, insurance, and taxes. It is also important to discuss a backup plan with your family in case your private caregiver becomes unavailable.
Providing Companionship

A home carer is a familiar face that your loved one can get to know and trust. They can accompany your loved one on outings, social events or hobbies and help them maintain a regular routine. This can reduce feelings of loneliness or isolation and improve their mental health and emotional well-being.

If you decide to hire a private caregiver yourself, you will need to advertise, shortlist and interview candidates. You will also be responsible for conducting all necessary background checks (including Disclosure and Barring Service – DBS) and references.

Managing a caregiving team can be complicated and time-consuming. It is important to monitor your loved one’s progress and report any concerns. If you feel that a caregiver is not suitable, you may find it difficult to terminate the contract without incurring significant costs and disruptions. To avoid this situation, it is advisable to consider the services of a home care agency or using their independent carers.
Emotional Support

Emotional support is the care receiver’s connection to another person who understands their emotions and experiences. While it cannot replace therapy or medical treatment, it makes a difference and is an essential part of caring for others. It includes listening with empathy and compassion; helping someone call a therapist or a friend; and providing reassurance that the experience is normal.

Caregivers provide emotional support as well as physical care. It is important for the caregiver and care recipient to establish expectations of what this means. If a problem arises, it is best to speak directly with the caregiver or family member about it rather than with an agency.

Families who hire independent caregivers can also save 20% – 30% on home care costs by taking on the employer role and paying their wages themselves instead of going through an agency. However, it is important to discuss with the entire family the cost of home care and the ability of everyone to contribute as needed.Private Carers available in our area

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