The Easiest Way to Get a Thailand Long Stay Visa

The easiest way to get a long stay visa is through the Thai consulate in your country. Alternatively, you can also apply with a visa agent.

This visa is designed to attract high potential foreigners looking to relocate to Thailand on a long term basis. The required qualifications include a bank deposit or income, as well as health insurance.

Retirement Visa

For people looking to live in Thailand long-term, the retirement visa is one of the best options. It offers a number of benefits, including free healthcare and low cost living. It also allows you to leave and re-enter the country as often as you like.

Those seeking to secure the visa will need to provide proof of income in the form of either a security deposit or regular monthly income. In addition, they will need to have a bank statement or passbook showing that at least 800,000 Thai Baht has been deposited into a Thai bank in the past three months.

The visa can be obtained by submitting all required documents to the appropriate Thai embassy or consulate. Once approved, the visa will be valid for one year and holders must report their address to the Immigration Office every 90 days.

Marriage Visa

The Marriage Visa allows a foreigner who is married to a Thai citizen to stay long-term in Thailand. The visa is valid for 1 year and must be renewed annually. It also entitles the bearer to certain benefits, including access to the healthcare system and a work permit.

The process for applying for a visa varies depending on the country and the Thai diplomatic representation office you choose to apply in. Some offices promise to process the application within 2 working days, while others may take longer. Regardless of the process, you must provide the following documents:

Elite Visa

Elite Visa is a program that offers foreigners a way to live and travel in Thailand without having to worry about paperwork or restrictions. The program provides a variety of benefits, including access to golf courses and spas, airport transfers, and health checkups.

The program offers several packages, but the most popular is the Elite Easy Access package, which lets members stay in the country for up to five years. It costs THB600,000 and comes with a free 24-hour airport pickup service.

The Thailand Elite Visa also allows members to own a condominium and lease land. However, they cannot own the building or land in their name. Elite Visa is set to offer new packages soon. These packages will have different pricing and will be based on the global economy’s status.

Multiple Entry Tourist Visa

Many travelers use Thailand as a stopover on a multi-country trip to Southeast Asia. They might fly to the beaches of Koh Samui for a week or two; visit Vietnam and enjoy the sights and sounds; and then return to the northern mountains of Thailand to experience animal sanctuaries and learn about Lan Na culture.

To do this, you’ll need a visa that allows multiple entries into the country. The requirements vary by embassy, but most will require a passport with at least 6 months of validity and a minimum of 2 empty pages; proof that you’ll travel to another country after your stay (air ticket paid in full or a confirmed return flight itinerary); and medical certificate showing no prohibitive diseases.


If you are a highly-skilled professional, business owner or retiree, you can use an E visa to stay in Thailand for a long time. It is the newest and most convenient option for foreigners to live in Thailand. The requirements for this visa are less strict than the ones for other visas.

The most important requirement is the passport which must be valid for six months or more. It should have at least two blank pages for visas and a photo that shows your face. You should also provide proof of travel and accommodations.

Elite visas offer many luxury benefits and little immigration hassles for high-net-worth individuals. These include limousine pickup and drop-off at the airport, fast track entry to the country and VIP airport lounge. You can even get access to a 24/7 elite member support center for help and questions. Thailand long stay visa

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