WoW Classic Dungeon Levels Overview – Complete Guide

Classic Wow Dungeon Leveling Guide

Classic Wow Dungeon Leveling Guide

Dungeons have been one of the most defining features of World of Warcraft since its launch. From older games like Everquest 2, dungeons are instances that accommodate a party of 5 (or 10 in some instances). All level ranges are represented in dungeons starting at level 10, all the way to level 60.

There are a number of dungeons added during Classic WoW that will be covered, including the loot and encounters that can be found inside. For available quests from all dungeons.

Classic Wow Dungeon Levels
Classic Wow Dungeon Levels

WoW Classic Instances by Level

We do have more specific information about each dungeon as we progress through the guide, but below is a comprehensive list of all Classic Dungeons according to their recommended level range.

  • Ragefire Chasm – 13-18
  • Wailing Caverns – 15-25
  • The Deadmines – 18-23
  • Shadowfang Keep – 22-30
  • The Stockade – 22-30
  • Blackfathom Deeps – 24-32
  • Gnomeregan – 29-38
  • Razorfen Kraul – 30-40
  • Scarlet Monastery – 26-45
    • Graveyard: 28-38
    • Library: 29-39
    • Armory: 32-42
    • Cathedral: 35-45
  • Razorfen Downs – 40-50
  • Uldaman – 42-52
  • Zul’Farrak – 44-54
  • Maraudon – 46-55
    • Wicked Grotto (Purple): 45-53
    • Foulspore Cavern (Orange): 45-53
    • Earth Song Falls (Inner): 48-57
  • The Temple of Atal’Hakkar – 50-60
  • Blackrock Depths – 52-60
  • Blackrock Spire – 55-60
    • Lower: 55-60
    • Upper: 58-60
  • Scholomance – 58-60
  • Stratholme – 58-60
  • Dire Maul – 58-60
Wow Classic Dungeon
Wow Classic Dungeon

Dungeon Party Class Compositions

In most cases, five players are needed to complete a dungeon, including a tank, a healer, and three DPS.

Dungeon Tanks

DPS and healer are not killed by enemy mobs using tanks, because they hold threats and absorb damage. Generally, a warrior tanks, equipping a shield and using proper threat-generating abilities like Sunder Armor and Shield Slam. For information on tanking a dungeon and getting familiar with important abilities, see our Tank Warrior Rotation Advice.

Warriors and Feral Druids can both tank, in addition to Protection Paladins.

Dungeon DPS

All classes can deal with DPS, but the most popular DPS for dungeons is Mage, DPS Warrior, Rogue, Warlock, and Hunter.

It is possible for hybrids to deal damage, but most of the time, they heal. All of these hybrid classes have DPS guides: Balance Druid, Feral Druid, Ret Paladin, Shadow Priest, Enhancement Shaman, Elemental Shaman.

Dungeon Healer

Healing keeps the party alive and resurrects the dead. Holy Priests are usually the best healers due to their versatile healing kit and buffs such as Power Word: Fortitude, but Restoration Druids, Holy Paladins, and Restoration Shamans can also heal.

Classic Dungeon Party Sizes

Except for the following dungeons, you can enter all Classic WoW dungeons with a raid of 10 players:

  • Blackrock Depths – cap of 5
  • Stratholme (Alive Side) – cap of 5
  • Stratholme (Undead Side) – cap of 5
  • Scholomance – cap of 5

Party quests, however, cannot be completed during a raid.

Leveling in Classic Dungeons

Classic WoW allows players to level up by grinding dungeons for the experience. You can easily clear instances with an efficient group to gain experience and drops, and also get drop rewards that are usually higher than quest rewards. Nevertheless, you will need to find a group of players who share your view on dungeons while leveling if you do not currently have a group engaged in dungeon running together.

While any class can grind dungeons, there are generally two main objectives: melee cleaving and spell cleaving.

Melee Cleave Dungeon Leveling

Melee Cleave can deal high amounts of damage to multiple groups at once with Warriors. Thanks to abilities like Cleave, Whirlwind, and the talent Sweeping Strikes, Warriors are able to consistently deal high damage to groups of enemies, and thanks to their Rage system, they have little downtime between pulls.

Melee Cleave groups are focused on empowering Warriors, like Shamans due to the powerful Windfury Totem or Paladins due to the Blessing of Might. Other DPS and healing classes can also join melee groups, but their potential damage will not be as great as warriors.

Spell Cleave Dungeon Leveling

Spell Cleave groups, on the other hand, are based around Mages. With the spell Blizzard in conjunction with the talent Improved Blizzard, Mages are able to easily control groups of multiple enemies while dealing the best AoE damage in the game.

While Spell Cleaves does not require the presence of a magic-user, specific classes with good AoE such as Warlocks utilizing Rain of Fire or Hunters utilizing Volley can contribute to the damage. While this tactic is very high-risk, it is also very rewarding, and you can gain the most experience per hour with a well-managed Spell Cleave group.

Classic Dungeon Quests

Even if you are not grinding, it can be very beneficial to run dungeons at least once in order to complete dungeon quests, as explained in our Classic Leveling Overview. If you complete certain dungeon quests, you will receive guaranteed rare-quality items that are as good or better than the drops in the dungeon.

It can be difficult to reach some dungeon quests if you don’t know where to go for each quest. To help you with this, with walkthroughs to every single quest you can obtain from any Classic WoW Dungeon, as well as with how easy it is to obtain each quest.

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