Attracting YouTube Views – 22 Tips For Getting More Views


Attracting YouTube views is a skill every creator should have in their toolbox. After all, no one wants to spend hours crafting a video to then see it receive zero views after hitting publish. That’s why this guide features 22 tips for boosting your video’s exposure on the platform. From creating better thumbnails to writing click-worthy titles, this is a comprehensive resource for getting more eyes on your content.

One of the most important things you can do to increase your YouTube views is optimize for search. After all, people are searching for specific terms when they open a video, and the more relevant your content is to those searches, the higher it will rank in YouTube’s results.

Titles, descriptions, and tags are all ways you can tell YouTube that your videos are relevant for particular keywords. The first 157 characters of your video’s description are the most visible, so it’s important that they include vital information, like the video’s topic and why it matters. You can also add clickable links and your subscribe button to the top of the description, so make sure it’s easy for viewers to find and use.

While it may be tempting to post whatever you want on YouTube, it’s best to focus on a niche in order to get more views. Viewers want to watch content that caters to their interests over and over again, and you’ll be more likely to reach your goal of 1,000 views if you create videos in a focused sphere.

YouTube’s algorithms are designed to keep people using the platform, and research suggests that they reward channels that help them do so. This means that your videos need to be engaging enough to keep viewers on the platform for as long as possible, and this can be measured with metrics like audience retention and average watch time.

The first 30 seconds of a video are crucial, as this is when viewers decide whether they’re going to continue watching or turn it off. Ensure your intro is interesting and eye-catching, and that it clearly defines the topic and purpose of the video. Adding an info card to the bottom of your video is another great way to promote your content, as it can contain a link to your playlist, extra channels you’ve created, and outside links.

Encourage viewers to share your videos with their friends and followers by including a call-to-action at the end of the video. This could be as simple as asking them to “like” the video or comment on it, or as complex as asking them to subscribe to your channel. Make sure to reply to any comments you receive as well, as this will help build a positive reputation for your channel. You can even encourage sharing on other social platforms like TikTok or Instagram to further increase your potential reach.

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