Benefits of an Industrial Air Cleaner


Industrial air filtration systems are designed to help keep workers healthy and safe. They reduce respiratory problems caused by dust and fumes and also lower the risk of fires or explosions due to combustible material.

They filter the air and re-circulate clean air back into the room. There are several options for the type of air cleaner that will work best for your needs.

Dust is an unavoidable by-product of most construction projects and home renovations. However, it is a serious health hazard and can travel through air ducts into other areas of the building.

Using an industrial air cleaner is the best way to remove dust from the air during construction projects and home renovations. Blowers, air scrubbers and carbon filters are the most effective devices for removing both particle and chemical pollutants. In fact, most industrial air cleaners for sale online come with, or have the option to include, both a HEPA filter and carbon filtration system.

Air cleaners can also be used in the workplace to capture smoke, chemical fumes and mist. Combustible dust can also be trapped in this way, reducing the risk of fire and explosions. Industrial-strength units are available with a wide range of customization options such as dustproof lights, crane slots, front doors, strip curtain and regain. They can be wall-mounted or chain hung from the ceiling.
Oil Mist

When metalworking tools are operated, oil vapors or mist can be created. These vapors are unhealthy to breathe and can leave a film of oil across equipment or products. They also interfere with the operation of equipment, leading to production loss. Providing an air clean environment is important to the health of your employees and the longevity of your machines.

Modern commercial workshops with CNC systems, milling, grinding, and other machinery create fine oil mists which need to be removed with a top rated industrial Absolent air cleaner. This helps protect the machinery and can save you money on your heating and cooling costs because the mist will not clog expensive HVAC filters.

Oil mist collectors are available that can be installed on the machinery to filter and remove the airborne oil. This improves the use of the machine and saves energy by eliminating the need for an oil console, as well as making it easier to lubricate the blower bearings.

Industrial air cleaners remove smoke, fumes and fine dust particles from a work area, resulting in a healthier environment for employees. They can also remove dangerous chemicals from the air. These systems negate the need to exhaust expensive heated or cooled air outside, keeping contaminated air contained within the system and re-circulating it to make the space comfortable for workers.

Commercial types of industrial air cleaning utilize activated carbon material and are designed to remove air pollutants based on their molecular properties. Activated carbon material adsorbs gases like cigarette smoke and can also be used as an exhaust scrubber for VOC emissions and in chemical processing facilities.

Often effective for welding fume extraction, metal cutting, woodworking and food processing, industrial air cleaners keep harmful airborne contaminants away from occupants for healthy indoor environments. They can be installed as stand-alone ambient filtration systems to create planned air circulation patterns or in conjunction with source capture equipment.

Odors can affect your business, making it difficult for staff and customers to enjoy the services or products you offer. It can also impact their well-being as trapped odors may cause irritation to the eyes, nose, and throat.

The severity and effects of odors depend on several factors, including how long they are present and the level of sensitivity to them. Even short-term exposure can result in irritated throats, noses, and eyes, as well as headaches and dizziness.

A commercial odor removal machine can help you control unpleasant odors, so you can continue to operate your business. It works by removing the odor from the air using activated carbon filter cylinders and then re-circulating it back into your facility. It can be used in restaurants, warehouses, and cigar bars to remove the lingering smell of cigarette smoke or food. It is also ideal for welding smoke filtration and industrial dust extraction. It’s a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to meet air quality standards.

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