Fire Pump Manufacturers


Fire Pump Manufacturer demand has been growing due to a rise in investment and awareness of fire hazard & safety precautions. It also grows with industrialization and urbanization.

Van Meter said more departments are getting rear-mount pumps because they offer more compartment space and allow the apparatus to be shorter, which is better for highway safety.


Pentair makes a wide range of industrial products, including pumps, filtration systems, valves and tanks. It also offers standardized fire pump units that are designed for use on ships and in logistic projects.

The company’s 1990s decade started out poorly with a botched attempt to consolidate the operations of Delta and Porter-Cable into a single distribution center in Jackson, Tennessee, that caused numerous problems. Orders were shipped incorrectly or not at all and complaints piled up. Hogan cleaned house and brought a new management team to Jackson.

In January 2000 the company made two of its largest acquisitions. It bought WEB Tool & Manufacturing, which produced custom electronic enclosures, and Essef, which manufactured water pumps, storage tanks and pool equipment. Both companies bolstered the company’s enclosures business.

Liancheng Group

The company makes pumps, valves and fluid delivery components. Its products are used for a variety of applications, including industrial and residential water supply, fire-fighting, and wastewater treatment. The company also manufactures precision mechanical parts through casting and machining.

Its headquarters is located in fengbang industrial park and its wholly owned subsidiaries include shanghai liancheng pump manufacturing co., ltd., shanghai liancheng motor co., ltd., Shanghai liancheng valve co., ltd., and shanghai wolders environment engineering equipment co., ltd. It also owns a comprehensive sales and service network.

Its staff members are highly trained and qualified. The company holds a large pump test center, a three-coordinate measurer, a dynamic-static measurer, a quick laser shaping instrument, automatic argon-arc welders, large lathes, and numeral control machine tools. It has received many honorable titles, such as Chinese Famous Trademark, Shanghai Well-Known Trademark, Products of a famous brand of Shanghai, Enterprise in the first lot passing the pump energy-saving approval and one of the 100 powerful enterprises of Shanghai.


With over 100 years of pump design and manufacturing experience, Darley is known for its high-quality apparatus pumps. The company’s engineers create cutting-edge solutions that allow the pumps to be more compact and efficient. Their products also provide excellent value for the money.

The Darley Davey fire pump AK308 is an LP gas and diesel powered, high pressure, portable hydraulic water pump that can run unattended for several hours on 5 gallons (20#) of propane. It is ideal for firefighting, emergency rescue, and fire truck water supply.

The dependable front-mounted Darley pump is available for a variety of vehicles and fire trucks. The company’s 2ZSM model is especially lauded for its vibration-free operation and uniform stream profile. It also features a silicon carbide mechanical seal, which resists wear much better than Ni-resist or tungsten.

Rosenbauer International AG

Rosenbauer International AG manufactures fire-fighting vehicles and equipment. The Company markets its products to munic- ipalities and airports worldwide. Its products include crash-and-rescue vehicles and firefighting pumps. Rosenbauer International serves customers through its service network in Europe, the United States, and Asia.

Its subsidiaries and production plants operate in several countries. The Company produces its own two-stroke engines, and manufactures chassis and cab bodies. It also provides hoses and accessories, fire fighting equipment, and digital solutions.

The Company’s products are used in professional, industrial, plant, and volunteer fire services, as well as fire prevention systems. Its products are developed and produced in Europe, the US, and Asia. Its service and sales networks serve clients in over 100 countries. The Company was founded in 1866 and is headquartered in Leonding, Austria.


Hale is an industry leader in truck mounted fire pumps and other emergency response equipment. Their products are used worldwide to help firefighters save lives and property. The company also specializes in developing innovative solutions that meet the needs of fire departments.

In the 1980s, Hale diversified by acquiring Hurst Performance, developer of the Jaws of Life line of rescue tools. Ten years later, they acquired Godiva Fire Pumps of England. Now, the company is part of IDEX Corporation, a diversified corporation with global production, design and manufacturing capability.

In addition to fire pumps, Hale also manufactures compressed air foam systems and other emergency response equipment. Their CAFSMaster system combines a Hale HVC compressor, FoamMaster foam proportioning system and state-of-the-art technology to offer the first total-system approach for compressed air foam technology.

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