Goodies Pub and Fintecture


Goodies Pub offers a personalized product to its business customers: a box of goodies, a plaque or a mug. Until the implementation of Fintecture, these orders were subject to long manual processes. The online solution allows them to automate their transfer flows, from detecting receipt to reconciliation, and to free up internal teams.

What to Expect

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Goodies Pub customers who pay by immediate or smart transfer can track the status of their payments online, similar to parcel tracking. This means that the internal teams are freed up to process orders, without any manual intervention. In addition, Fintecture automatically detects receipt of funds and reconciles payments, which simplifies the process and eliminates the risk of error.


A velvety smooth NEIPA that’s loaded with rich oats and lotus hops. It’s then finished with a pinch of citra cryo to add citrus fruits for the perfect finish.

Before implementing the Fintecture solution, Goodies Pub did not have a bank transfer payment module on its website. As a result, assistants, secretaries and accountants were involved in manual processes: providing the IBAN to customers, detecting the receipt of funds, reconciling them with orders, etc. This complicated and time-consuming work led to a significant lengthening of order processing times.

Today, the e-commerce site offers customers direct online access to two banking transfer solutions (immediate transfer or smart transfer). This automates all the flow of payments: instantaneous detection, automatic reconciliation, no need for internal teams to intervene manually: a real gain in terms of productivity.


Goodies Pub offers a wide choice of personalized objects and textiles to help companies develop their reputation through the online ordering of gifts for events or promotional campaigns. Personalize them with a text, a logo or a photo to make your company image stand out.

Before the implementation of the Fintecture solution, Goodies Pub did not have a bank transfer payment module on its website and had to manage all orders via telephone or email. Several internal teams were involved in the process, including assistants and secretaries, which resulted in time-consuming manual interventions and considerably lengthened order processing times.

Today, the solution offered by Fintecture (immediate transfer and smart transfer) allows the merchant to automate all processes, from detecting the receipt of funds to reconciliation, for a significant gain in productivity for all internal teams. The solution also makes it possible for customers to follow the status of their payments online, similar to parcel tracking. This gives them peace of mind and reduces the risk of error. Contains: PEANUTS, CORN SYRUP, SALT, SUGAR, MODIFIED SOY PROTEIN, MILK CHOCOLATE (SUGAR, WHOLE MILK, CHOCOLATE LIQUOR AND SOY LECITHIN ADDED AS EMULSIFIER), VIRGINIAN PEANUTS.


Personalized promotional items occupy a unique place in marketing and communication: they boost brand visibility by being used repeatedly by recipients (pens, mugs, t-shirts). They help create an emotional bond with the recipient and allow companies to show their appreciation and attention for customers or partners. In addition, they are a valuable tool for internal communications, allowing a company to reinforce its values with employees and build team spirit.

Despite their effectiveness, these objects can be difficult to sell. Moreover, they can only be effective if they are practical and accessible: pens, mugs and tote bags with a logo or a message are used by many people, making them ideal advertising media. The best solution is to choose a personalized object or textile with a large surface, such as a tote bag, to maximise its exposure and the visibility of the company.

Before implementing Fintecture, Goodies Pub was unable to offer its business clients a bank transfer payment module on its website. This forced the company to process transfers by phone or email and involve assistants, secretaries and accountants in time-consuming manual processes: requesting an IBAN from the buyer, confirming receipt of funds, linking it to the order to be processed, etc. Fintecture allows the company to automate all these flows for a significant gain in productivity and the elimination of the risk of errors.

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