Hot Destinations For a Colombia Bachelor Party


Colombia is one of the hottest up and coming bachelor party destinations. Although the country is still a bit stigmatized from the past of Pablo Escobar and drug cartels, it has become safe to travel for groups of single guys.

Luxury Vacation Rentals, Party Mansions, Yachts, Adventure Tours, and so much more. All within a three hour flight from the U.S. and surrounded by arguably the most beautiful women in the world.

Colombia is one of the hottest new destinations for bachelor parties. Medellin is a party hub with sexy ladies, and a lively nightlife. Cartagena is a Caribbean paradise and San Gil has adventure sports.

The people of Colombia are friendly and genuinely welcome gringos (a word that is now a positive term). They treat you like kings, so you will find that the women here are attracted to foreign men.

The Colombian food is delicious and the coffee is among the best in the world. Try a traditional dish such as the Bandeja paisa, which is a mix of rice, beans, meats and potatoes. You can also get some of the country’s famous cocktails, including agua de coco and Aguardiente. Colombia is known for its booze and cocaine, but alcohol is widely available as well.

Cartagena is a beautiful Caribbean city with a relaxed vibe and bustling nightlife. Its historic center, walled city and popular neighborhoods like Getsemani, Bocagrande and El Laguito are perfect for a bachelor party getaway.

The Colombian coast has plenty of bars, restaurants and hotels to choose from, all at great value. The country is also home to pristine beaches, adventure sports and a wide range of other fun activities.

Rent a yacht or catamaran for a day at Cholon, raft the Suárez River in San Gil, or hit up a club in Parque Lleras. You can have an incredible vacation in Colombia for one-tenth of what you’d pay in Las Vegas. Plus, you’ll be surrounded by arguably the most beautiful women on the planet!

The pleasant holiday town of Guatape sits on the Embalse Guatape, a large artificial lake that’s famous for the fresco-like adornment of its traditional houses. Brightly painted bas-relief depictions of people, animals and shapes cover the lower half of buildings.

Soar like a bird and enjoy breathtaking views of the lake and the giant rock of El Penol on a hang glider adventure from Guatape. A small-group operation runs the experience from the town, which is about two hours from Medellin.

Every Colombian town has its own version of a main square, and Guatape’s is known as Plaza de Zocalos. It’s a vibrant spot that looks like a Pantone color palette, and the stairs leading to the Piedra del Penol are an Insta-worthy photo opportunity.
San Gil

San Gil is the outdoor adventure capital of Colombia, attracting thrill seekers with white water rafting and bungy jumping. It’s also a great place to see rural Colombia away from the hustle and bustle of big cities.

The town centre has a square with cobblestone streets, gardens and a ceiba tree. Gallineral Park has trees hung with silvery moss and offers access to river rapids.

Buses from Villa de Leyva to Tunja run around every 15 minutes from the town’s super fancy bus terminal (you need to go upstairs and purchase a ticket). There are also direct buses to San Gil. Sam’s VIP Hostel is right on the main square and has a pool to beat the hot weather plus it hosts Tejo nights which are great for travellers looking to spark conversations with fellow backpackers.

Cali is a sprawling city on both sides of the Cauca River in western Colombia. It’s a hot spot for nightlife, with plenty of clubs and bars blasting salsa and merengue beats.

The food scene in Colombia is pretty great, and you’ll find it’s cheaper than in the US. You’ll find typical Colombian fare, like meat and rice with fried plantains and salads, at local kiosks for super affordable prices.

The city is also known for its cocaine trade and sex industry. Hookers line the streets and many vendors connect inquiring tourists with women, for a fee. While the city is a bit safer than it was during the cocaine wars, petty crime still exists and you should follow the usual precautions when visiting any big city.Colombia Bachelor Party

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