How Conservatory Roofs Can Transform Your Home


Are you looking to add a touch of luxury to your home with a new conservatory roof? A solid conservatory roof is a popular home improvement and can transform the way you use your extension.

If your existing conservatory is too hot in the summer and cold in the winter you could benefit from a replacement roof. This will allow you to enjoy your space all year round.

Tiled Conservatory Roofs

Whether your conservatory is hot and uncomfortable in summer or cold and expensive to heat in winter, a new tiled roof can make it a room you can use all year round. It can transform it into an extra dining room, a home gym, or a chillout space for arts and crafts or yoga.

These roofs can be installed on new conservatories or replace the existing polycarbonate or glass one. They are insulated to the same standard as your house and designed to cope with wind and snow loads. They can be customised with internal and external lighting to suit your home. They’re also insurance approved, JHAI certified and meet building regulations. They may not need planning permission, depending on your situation and the rules in place for your area.

Roof Lanterns

Designed to be the centrepiece of any home extension, roof lanterns allow homeowners to add natural light that can boost moods and create a feeling of wellbeing. They’re perfect for replacing conservatory roofs or for new builds and orangeries alike.

The Atlas range offers a choice of sizes and finishes to ensure they complement your home’s unique style. They also feature low-g glass to retain winter warmth and have a neutral solar control coating that cuts down on summer glare.

Many homeowners worry about whether or not they need planning permission to install a roof lantern, but this is usually unwarranted. They can normally be fitted as permitted development if they follow specific guidelines. However, it’s worth checking with your local authority to make sure.

Roof Vents

For homes in the South Wales area looking to repurpose an existing conservatory or extension into a versatile space, our warm roof replacement system is ideal. Providing lower U-values, it helps to retain heat and block out the cold for a more comfortable atmosphere all year round.

Integrated into your new extension’s replacement roof, we can install vents that allow for air to escape. This keeps the space cool in summer and prevents the build-up of condensation or humidity moisture 24/7 365 days a year. It also means you’ll need to use your air conditioning less frequently, keeping energy bills down.

Thermal Efficiency

Many existing conservatories weren’t designed with year-round habitation in mind and are often cold in winter and hot in summer. Adding insulation to the room is often enough to improve this but it can be expensive.

However, by retro-fitting a solid roof over the existing polycarbonate one you can significantly boost the U-value to match that of the house and make the space usable all year round.

A tiled conservatory roof allows homeowners to retain the classic aesthetic that has long been associated with traditional home extensions, blending seamlessly with the rest of their South Wales property. By incorporating a roof lantern into the design you can also allow light to flood into your extension while retaining a comfortable temperature. This is made possible through the use of roof vents that are able to control air flow to create an ideal internal atmosphere.


Many homeowners have a specific vision of what they want their conservatory to look like. For example, a glass roof is great for letting natural light flood the room which makes it feel more like an extension of the home.

Glass roofs are also durable and are able to handle harsh weather conditions such as heatwaves or snow and ice. This makes them a suitable choice for a Cheltenham conservatory.

On the other hand, solid roofs offer a more traditional aesthetic and can make the conservatory feel more like a natural part of the home. They can also be customised to include skylights for increased ventilation. Unlike polycarbonate, solid roofs can be insulated to improve the temperature of your conservatory. This will help to reduce glare and energy costs. conservatory roofs south wales

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