How to Get Shovel in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

how to get Shovel in animal crossing

how to get Shovel in animal crossing

If you want to upgrade your Shovel in animal crossing, you must first collect a single iron nugget on the map. Once you’ve done this, you can upgrade your Shovel to the next level. You can also get an additional shovel level by completing a special quest granted by Gulliver, in which you must help him find 30 communicators. Keep an eye out on the beach to find these communicators.

I am a big new horizon fan and can tell you that getting Shovel to sell for real money isn’t easy. Here are the things I’ve done to get Shovel in my account, like getting a lot of animals, watching multiple videos, having a good location, not being lazy, etc., and this is the way of completing your task in the game.

What Is Shovel in the Game?

A shovel is one of the tools you can use to collect items. You can use a shovel to dig holes and fill them with sand or dirt. The only way to get this tool is by using a special sand shovel machine. You need this tool because you need to go through the desert to get to the beach, where you can get the sand shovel. If you don’t have this tool, you won’t be able to dig holes to make the sand or dirt disappear.

Before Getting a Shovel: Finish Your Tom Nook’s Task

Before gaining access to a Shovel in animal crossing, you must complete many tasks. One of the tasks you must complete before using a shovel is visiting Tom Nook’s DIY workshop. In this workshop, you can learn how to make items. Tom will also give you a recipe for making a fishing rod. Tom will be curious about the island’s wildlife in this area and ask you to make a fish trap or fishing net. Once you’ve made a fishing rod and a net, Tom will ask you to make five different species of fish and bugs.

A shovel can be purchased at a Nooks Cranny shop for 500 Bells or crafted with the Pretty Good Tools recipe. You can also make a flimsy shovel by buying it from a Nooks Cranny for 500 Bells. You can also make one from scratch with a recipe or by unlocking items in the game’s story.

Easy 2 Solutions: How to Get a Shovel in New Horizon

Get a Shovel in Animal Crossing Game – Method 1

To obtain a shovel in AnimalCrossing: New Horizons, you’ll have to craft items. The first tool you can craft is a Flimsy Shovel. In New Horizons, you can also craft a Golden Shovel. A shovel is very important for a game about making things.

In the previous Animal Crossing games, Golden Tools were quite rare. It took a player 50 bags of fertilizer to obtain a Golden Shovel. And you could only obtain one per save file. However, the game has made it easier to obtain the golden Shovel. Once you have it, you can start digging up flowers and saplings.

Get a Shovel in Animal Crossing Game Through Blathers – Method 2

You can craft a shovel in AnimalCrossing: New Horizons. This tool is used to dig up buried items. It can be used to find Pitfall Seeds, Gyroids, and Fossils. It can also be used to hit rocks, which spawn new bugs, and even the rare Money Rock. Here is another way of getting a shovel in AnimalCrossing to help Blathers on his museum.

  • Visit Tom Nook. And the museum will need some help.
  • Blathers will visit after a full day. After doing this, you can sell the fossils in the museum to earn some money.

A shovel is an important tool that helps you make things easier for yourself and other animals. A shovel can be purchased or crafted and will vary in durability and style. Certain shovels are purchased, while others can only be obtained through donation.

How to Use a Shovel in New Horizon

Using a shovel in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is essential for digging up items like fossils and plants. It can also be used for hammering rocks to collect minerals. The player can upgrade the Shovel as early as the second day of the game. If you are new to the game, you can start with a Flimsy Shovel and upgrade to a more advanced model as you progress.

  • The player equips a shovel from his inventory or the tool wheel and then presses A to dig a hole.
  • After completing the task, press A again to fill the hole.

Players can also fill the holes without using the Shovel by pressing Y instead. Using a shovel is useful for several tasks on a new horizon.

How to Use a Shovel to Dig Up Fossils in Animal Crossing

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you’ll need a shovel to dig up fossils. It will also help you gather bells. Once you collect enough of these items, you can craft them into different types of objects. But you have to have some basic tools before making anything useful. These gaming featured tools are accessible in the market.

The first tool you’ll need to dig up fossils is a shovel. The tool is simple; you’ll need it to find fossils. You can find fossils in the star-shaped cracks all over the island. They’ll be blue rocks with shell and star designs on them. Each day, there will be four cracks that appear.

You can find over 70 fossils in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Once you’ve collected enough of them, you can donate them to Blathers in the museum. You can also use them to earn Bells, which you can sell in the Museum. If you have trouble finding these, you can consult the guide provided with the game to help you find the fossils you’re looking for.

How You Can Plant Money Trees With A Shovel

The best way to make a lot of Bells in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is to plant money trees. The money trees will grow on the island and provide you with bags of Bells. However, you can only plant one money tree at a time. The following steps will guide you on how to plant a money tree in animal crossing.

  • Find a glowing spot in the ground. You can then dig into this spot to get a bag of bells.
  • After you fill up the bag, you can plant your money tree. Just make sure that you stay at that spot to ensure that you plant enough money trees.

You can also find glowing spots in the grass. These spots will remain there for the day. These spots are where you can plant your first money tree and ensure you don’t cover them with dirt. This will ensure that your money tree will grow well.

After planting the money tree, you can start earning money from it. This money tree can produce up to 30,000 bells at a time. There is also a limit to how many bell bags you can get from one tree. However, planting more than ten money trees can make a lot of money from a single shovel in animal crossing.


This is the best way to get your Shovel. Make sure to get it from the store in the game. If you don’t like that method, there are other ways to do it. But the easiest way is to sell things for real money and get the Shovel through that. The other way to get it is through completing the tasks, but those are more difficult. The last way to get it is by buying it with real money on your game card.

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