How To Watch Demon Slayer in Order (An Updated Guide)

how to watch demon slayer in order

how to watch demon slayer in order

Since the release of Demon Slayer, the game has been extremely popular, and many new players have been looking for ways to level up quickly. This demon slayer watch order guide is designed to help new players find an order that works best for their class and style of play.

Note: Anybody can watch the demon slayer franchise in order like this:

  • Demon Slayer season 1 (episodes 1-26)
  • Mugen Train movie OR Demon Slayer: Mugen Train TV arc (episodes 27-33)
  • Demon Slayer season 2, AKA the Entertainment District arc (episodes 34-44)

Introduction of Demon Slayer Animated Series

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is a Japanese animated series created by Tetsuya Nakashima and aired on Fuji TV between October 6, 2013, and September 27, 2016. The anime series has been licensed for English language release by Funimation Entertainment and is available subtitled or dubbed. The first season consists of 13 episodes, while the second consists of 12. Contents Synopsis In Japan, a boy named Kenji Kurogane is born with a Demon Slayer’s mark on his palm.

He soon discovers that he has the power to summon demons called Oni, which are said to be the bane of all humans, and the only way to destroy them is by being killed by one. To protect his village from the Oni, Kenji’s father trains him to become a Demon Slayer, but Kenji feels he must protect his family. In the present day, a mysterious Oni attacks and kills Kenji’s younger sister, Mika.

Should I Watch the Demon Slayer Episode 25 of The Demon King

The Demon King’s Season One is coming to a close, and the Demon King is expressing his disappointment over the death of Demon Moon. The end of Season One has set the stage for the first season of Season 2, titled “Curse of the Light.” The episode marks the end of Season 1 and the start of Season 2.

The episode focuses on the demons and their masters, and we learn more about Inosuke and Zenitsu’s origins in the episode. However, the episode also follows their battles against Rui’s demon family. This arc showcases the strength of each character.

In this episode, the Demon Slayer Corps’ headquarters is revealed. This episode also introduces the nine mighty Hashiras – Naruto, ObanaiIguro, Serpent, and Stone. The leader of the Demon Slayer Corps will also make his official debut in this episode.

Episodes 4 and 5 of demon slayer, we can watch in order and it will be emotional for viewers. Tanjiro’s battle with the Demon Slayer Giyu Tomioka is a pivotal moment in the series, as it marks the first encounter of Tanjiro with such a powerful demon. The battle also presents us with the truth about Urokodaki’s previous students.

The series finale is filled with many surprises, including a flashback episode from the beginning. While it may be hard to follow, these 3 episodes are worth the effort. They are a fun and emotional ride. If you are looking for more information, check out the series’ official website.

Should I Watch Demon Slayer Episode 9 of Blood Demon Arts

Blood Demon Arts’ ninth episode begins with a hint of the big finale. It shows Hinatsuru’s wish to be with Uzui and continues with an “Oh my f**king God” moment and various breathing techniques. This episode also highlights the importance of teamwork, as everyone on the team works to help each other.

The story begins with Uzui and Gyutaro’s fight in the front yard of Hinatsuru’s house. Hinatsuru tries to use a device to shoot a poisoned kunai at Gyutaro, but it is blocked. Gyutaro gets up and fights back, but not before he has managed to slice Daki’s legs at the knees. Tengen, however, is not finished, and he cuts off Daki’s Hand and tries to resurrect his wife, who is dying of blood loss.

In Blood Demon Arts, a demon that has a morphing form and gains strength with each human it consumes makes Tanjiro’s struggle with it all the more difficult. A demon capable of stealing human souls, Muzan is a formidable opponent.

The episode is 25 minutes long and focuses on the inner struggles of the Demon Slayers. The effects of Blood Demon Art pull the protagonists into a battle against their inner selves. In the end, Tanjiro has to make a quick and decisive move to save his friends.

Should I Watch Demon Slayer Episode 8 of Mount Natagumo

Demon Slayer Episode 8: We can watch in order of Mount Natagsumo begins with an attack by two Demon Slayers on the summit of Mount Natagumo. While the demons are being attacked, the trio is told by Tanjiro’s crow to stop the attack. The crow then lights a flint and wishes them luck on their journey. But the crow does not explain the concepts to Inosuke. In addition, Tanjiro starts running faster in the dark and senses something.

The series is based on the Taisho Period in Japan. Tanjiro sells charcoal for a living. However, one day he finds his entire family murdered and his younger sister transformed into a demon. As a result, he resolves to become a “demon slayer.”

The next episode of Demon Slayer focuses on the journey of Tanjiro to Mount Natagumo. His mission is to defeat the spider-web-covered Demon Slayers who have taken refuge in the crater. After defeating the spider-web-bound Demon Slayers, Tanjiro fights the father of demons, Rui.

During the fight, Tanjiro fights off a girl who tries to kill Nezuko. She manages to knock Tanjiro unconscious but is not successful in killing him. The Demon Slayers are then taken to the Demon Slayer Headquarters for training. In the process, he encounters “Hand Demons,” which target his “children.” The Hand Demon attacks Tanjiro, nearly overwhelming him. However, the Demon Slayer succeeds in slicing the hand demon’s neck.


In the Demon Slayer series, Kiyomaro defeated the demons because he became one with the demon lord. By taking away the Demon’s life, he became one with his master. He did this by taking on the form of a demon and then taking control of their body. By learning from these movies, you can watch all the other Demon Slayer series and learn more about the techniques used to defeat these monsters.

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