Lilo and Stitch Merchandise

If you love the wild mix of cute and chaos that is Stitch, then you will find plenty of Lilo and Stitch merchandise to enjoy. This collection features the two popular characters along with a variety of other items that will help to celebrate family, friendship, and the Hawaiian spirit of ohana.
Lilo and Stitch Hype Jersey

Show off your love of the galaxy’s cutest experiment with a variety of Lilo and Stitch merchandise. Rep the mischievous alien with a Neff Kaual Stitch Scoop Neck T-Shirt featuring an alien language print, or take your favorite character along for the ride with the Street Beach Disney Stitch Character Head Plush.

The adorable duo of Lilo and Stitch are joined by a tropical island setting on this BoxLunch exclusive hype jersey. Across the front, Stitch is seen terrorizing a perfectly crafted sandcastle and his handmade doll Scrump sits just beyond its gates. On the back, an additional scene depicts waves crashing ashore.

Fans of this heartwarming tale about family and the importance of ohana will adore these officially licensed merchandise pieces. Shop the full collection to find clothing, accessories and collectibles for every fan.
Lilo and Stitch Loungefly Backpack

Whether you’re an avid collector of galactically cute aliens or want to bring some Hawaiian style into your wardrobe, this Lilo and Stitch Loungefly backpack is sure to be a conversation starter. The vibrant all-over print features tropical flowers, ukuleles and of course, Stitch!

The mischievous alien Stitch is quite literally a devil in this cosplay design from Loungefly. The metallic effect faux leather backpack depicts the infamous character in red finery complete with padded devil horns, embroidered facial details and a ribbon devil’s tail hanging from the front zipper pouch.

The back features a scene of Stitch relaxing on a beach with a drink and Scrump by his side. The side pockets feature more beach and ocean imagery, while the front pocket shows off Stitch wearing a bewitching hat and reading a book. This mini backpack is perfect for school, work or a fun day out and about!
Lilo and Stitch Reusable Storage Box

The Lilo and Stitch collection has apparel and collectibles to celebrate the film that inspired the Hawaiian concept of ohana. Rep the mischevious alien with this tie-dye spirit jersey featuring his iconic surfboard design, or grab a loungefly backpack that’s perfect for your next trip to the beach.

The movie revolves around the orphaned Lilo Pelekai (Daveigh Chase), who lives with her sister Nani (Tia Carrere). When she discovers an on-the-run alien whose home is in space, Nani renames him Stitch and takes him into her care. The pair become close friends, but their destruction lands them in trouble with Dr. Jumba Jookiba (David Ogden Stiers) and Agent Wendell Pleakley (Ving Rhames).

This reusable storage box features 15 different Lilo and Stitch treasures that collectors will love. From a Stitch mug to a mini shot glass, this box of goodies will be a hit with fans of the film.
Lilo and Stitch Beach Day Mini Shot Glasses

When it comes to the adorable alien runaway, Experiment 626, fans just can’t get enough. Maybe it’s the wild mix of cute and chaos that the little guy brings to everything he does, or maybe it’s the fact that Lilo was able to tame him. Whatever it is, we’re here to help fans satisfy their cravings for all things Stitch with our collection of officially licensed Disney merchandise.

Raise a glass to your favorite galactic friend with the Lilo and Stitch Beach Day Mini Shot Glasses. This set of 4 shots glasses are designed with Stitch in various poses and is a fun way to toast your adult beverages.

Looking for more merch and gifts to add to your collection? Check out this Lilo and Stitch Reusable Storage Box, which includes a Stitch mood light, wine glass, cup, and soup mug. Or, grab the Stitch Space Adventure Enamel Pin to wear on your shirts and bags.

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