Nectre N15 Wood Heater Review


Nectre N15 is a powerful but compact little heater that’s perfect for small suburban homes, country cottages or sheds. Finished in black metallic paint, it comes with a cast iron door with ceramic glass and stay cool spring handle.

Featuring heavy-duty Australian steel construction and thick firebrick lining. It also has a cool touch spring handle and surprisingly large firebox to fit a standard woodyard log.

Nectre N15

A timeless wood heater that can heat 140m2 of living space, the Nectre N15 is a great addition to any home. Whether you’re putting it in a small bedroom or a family room, it’s sure to provide warmth and style that your loved ones will appreciate.

The Nectre N15 is available in a wood stacker, pedestal or freestanding leg design to suit your decor. Featuring firebrick lining, the N15 range is one of the most efficient wood heaters on the market, with exceptional emissions and a 10 year firebox warranty from Nectre’s factory in Dry Creek, South Australia.

You’ll love the look of this surprisingly compact wood heater, and it can be installed almost anywhere. It’s perfect for country cottages, sheds and small suburban homes.

Features & Benefits

The N15 range is manufactured with heavy-duty Australian steel and cast iron doors, and features thick firebrick lining to enhance thermal mass and improve efficiency. It’s also fitted with a cool touch spring handle that makes loading the firebox safer and easier.

These Australian made wood stoves are simple to use and come with a 10 year warranty. They are designed and built in Dry Creek, Adelaide, and feature a variety of styles to complement your style of home.

They are one of the cleanest burning wood burners on the market, with exceptional emissions and can be fitted with a curved or tiled exterior cover. They are available in black, burgundy and grey finishes to suit your home décor.

When the fire is just starting, open the air slide right up to let in more air and build it up. Close it again once the fire is up and running. This will help to draw the smoke up and away from the firebox.

Nectre has one of the most comprehensive ranges of wood stoves on the market, so you’ll be able to find the best fit for your home. From the N15 to the N900, there’s a Nectre wood heater to suit every home and lifestyle.

Nectre is one of South Australia’s most trusted names when it comes to choosing a wood heater for your home. Founded in Dry Creek, South Australia, for more than 40 years, the Nectre brand is synonymous with quality, reliability and durability. They’re backed by tech support from the biggest wood heating group in Australia, so you can be confident that you’ll have years of toasty warmth with your new Nectre.

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