Norcold Cooling Units


Cooling unit for Norcold 1200 model refrigerators. Includes controls, installation manual, foil tape, foam sealant and thermal mastic. This is a gas absorption unit and can take 24-36 hours to get to full operating temperature. New factory sealed. Fits both LP and electric units. Unit comes with LP gas plug, freezer vent screw and electrical wire.

Cooling Units

Having a refrigeration system on board is important for cruising sailors, but it may not be practical or affordable to install a built-in marine refrigerator. Instead, portable, compressor-driven fridge/freezers can make a significant difference. In our most recent test of four units—two Engel and two Norcold made by the same company (Sawafuji Electric) in Japan—a Norcold MRFT40 was the clear winner, earning Practical Sailor’s Budget Buy award. This unit uses a linear compressor, which in our tests was significantly more efficient than the Danfoss reciprocating compressor used in the Waeco Coolmatic fridge/freezer. This unit is also a bit cheaper than an equivalent Engel model.

Includes cooling unit only. Refrigerant sold separately. Refer to manufacturer recommendations for proper fit and installation.

This item requires a 12-volt power source and is sold as an accessory for Norcold refrigerators.


You’re not a true van lifer until you have enough refrigerator space for all the fruits, veggies, and oat milk to fuel your daily smoothie routine. This 2.7 cubit foot Norcold fridge/freezer is built for the toughest road trips and has plenty of storage for everything from groceries to that pint of Ben & Jerry’s you just have to have. The corrosion-proof plastic exterior has heavy-duty removable handles and a DC cord with cigarette lighter plug, while the stainless steel interior prevents stains and improves cooling.

The upgraded panel design is 1″ taller than the N6 panels for a more built-in look and features dual MAGNAstrips for magnets or other decor. Plus, the hermetically-sealed compressor and CFC-free insulation foam ensure that your food will stay cold even without power. It’s easy to install flush or proud, and it can operate on either AC or DC power. An internal dial control lets you adjust the temperature a few degrees cooler or warmer than 4degC.


A proper van lifer knows you can’t have a good smoothie without some serious fridge and freezer space to store all the healthy fruits, vegetables, and oat milk your heart desires. This 42-can Norcold fridge and freezer combo is the perfect addition to your van build.

Its reversible hinge lid, interior light, DC cord with cigarette lighter plug and stainless steel interior prevents stains and improves cooling. It also has an electronic temperature control panel and indicator lights.

This self venting refrigerator runs on DC power or propane. It comes with new controls, installation manual, foam sealant, thermal mastic, foil tape and freezer/fin screws for easy installation.

Refrigerator Parts

Norcold refrigerators are a top choice for homeowners who want a high-quality fridge that will last for years to come. However, just like any other appliance, Norcold fridges can eventually break down and need repairs or replacement parts. Luckily, Sears PartsDirect has the Norcold refrigerator parts you need to get your fridge back up and running again.

Whether you need a new power board or a door panel, we have the Norcold refrigerator parts you need to fix your fridge. We even carry replacement cooling units for Norcold refrigerators, so you can replace the old one if yours is no longer working.

Easily replace your single door Norcold refrigerator door panel with this black, acrylic plexiglass door panel. The panel is designed specifically for the Norcold single door, De0041 refrigerator model. The panel is easy to install and requires no modification or cutting of the side vent. Refer to manufacturer recommendations for proper fit and usage.rv accessories

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