Steampunk Dresses


Steampunk fashion is a style of fashion that takes elements from science-fiction and fantasy and incorporates them into everyday clothing. It is a very popular trend for cosplay and convention wear.

Steampunk costume is a fantastic way to express yourself. You can be a pirate, explorer or any other kind of character from the past eras.

Product Description

black steampunk dress are one of the main elements of the STEAMPUNK LOOK, which is a combination of streetwear fashion and gothic aesthetics with a dash of burlesque and fetishistic details. They can be worn on their own or paired with leather ornaments, holsters, pouches and bracelets to get the full Steampunk experience.

Steampunk is a mix of elements from science-fiction, fantasy and history; it is mainly inspired by the Victorian era. Its aesthetic is rooted in books and films that show alternate history using fantasy.

For women, Victorian styles favored long flowing skirts and bodices embellished with regal jacket details and a touch of glamour. The laced-up corsets became an important part of the female costume during this time, allowing it to look like the dress was part of the woman’s body. It also helped rediscover the waist and exaggerated the silhouette. Skirts had a high front gathering to let a little air in and it was common for them to have multiple layers, including leather.

Product Features

A steampunk inspired dress is a must have in every cosplayer’s closet. Whether you’re spicing up your office attire or looking to dazzle your fellow geeks at the next cosplay event, this sexy number will get the job done in style. Aside from the dress itself, this sexy number comes with its share of goodies including a pocket watch necklace, glovelettes and a laced up top hat to boot. Best of all, you won’t have to break the bank to do it.

Product Specifications

Steampunk fashion is a mix of Victorian and 20th century styles. It’s a blend of gothic aesthetics, burlesque, and fetishistic details. The look is mainly worn by women, and it involves long flowing dresses, regal jacket bodices, and corsets.

The most common steampunk dress consists of a hoop skirt and a regal jacket bodice, with cuffs and sleeves in leather or brocade. The hems are embellished with lace. The cuffs and hems are also embroidered with metal and brass beads. These motifs were often used for women’s clothing in the Victorian period.

If you’re not comfortable wearing a full costume, you can still get the steampunk vibe by adding the right accessories. You can use an aviator cap, a leather pouch, a belt with bicep bracelets, and even a pair of goggles to make yourself look like a steampunk. You can also wear a long leather coat or a tweed vest to complete your outfit.

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