The Best Curly Hair Salon in Melbourne


If your curls are full of bounce, definition and a little sass, then you need to visit a salon that understands and loves them. Fresha lists highly skilled professionals who specialise in wavy and curly hair.

A true specialist will take the time to listen and understand your texture, lifestyle and vision. They’ll then provide knowledge and results that support how you live your textured life.
Ginger and Curls

Embracing your natural curls and waves is more popular than ever before. Thanks to Lorraine Massey and the Curly Girl Method, many people are falling in love with their natural kinks. But keeping those curls hydrated and healthy can be a challenge. That’s why we offer a variety of products and services to help keep your curls hydrated, including salon-quality shampoos and conditioners and moisturizing cowash for curly hair.
Curly and Co Hair

Located just a short walk from St Nicholas Avenue, this Harlem-based salon is a hidden gem that caters to curls of all shapes and sizes. Customers rave about the salon’s impeccable services, pristine suites, and expert knowledge of curl management.

This salon specializes in curl treatments and styling, but also offers makeup services and lessons. Their stylists understand each client’s unique curly pattern and texture and strive to educate them on their care at home.
Yeah The Curls

Yeah The Curls is Sydney’s first dedicated curl girl method salon. Kimberly is obsessed with making her clients feel valued and educating hair stylists on how to approach, cut and style curly hair.

She specialises in dry cuts using a deconstructed technique and she stocks and uses salon quality curl friendly Everescents products. She offers a range of treatments to hydrate and condition your hair.

Gippsland curlies can also get their fix at Studio Hi Gorgeous, where Fleur works her magic. Her colouring and cutting skills are top notch, but it is her knowledge on how to manage curls that really sets her apart.
Aoki Hair

Aoki Hair are a salon that are known to take the time with their clients and really understand them, especially those with curly or wavy hair. They offer personal hair consultations and curly hair care advice to keep your curls in check between appointments.

Mousey Brown specialise in dry cutting, which is great for those with curly hair. She is all about embracing your natural hair and loves working with curls!
Wenz Hair

Anyone with curls, wavy or texture in their hair knows it can be difficult to find a salon that treats them with the love and care they deserve. Luckily, there are a few Gina approved curl-friendly salons around Australia.

Maiden Hair is a curly hair specialist salon that prides themselves on their knowledge and experience of working with all types of curls. They also use Milkshake Colours which are more gentle on textured hair.
Mousey Brown

Mousey Brown offers a range of hair services and sells products from local Williamsburg creator Fatboy. The salon is located in a light-filled corner shop across from McCarren Park. Its founder, Tennessee native Meredith Chesney, started the salon in 1997 to serve Williamsburg’s hipster crowd. When it outgrew its Bedford Avenue location, she moved to this space in 2004. The setting is simple, with walnut floors and styling stations, comforting forties tunes, and an unpretentious atmosphere.
Vanilla Hair Studio

Vanilla Hair Studio is a full-service salon offering haircuts, colour services, conditioning treatments, makeup application, and blowouts. They use only the finest products, including L’Oreal and Redken hair products. They also offer a Big Night Out package that includes makeup and a blowout for those planning a night out. They have a high standard of hygiene and all team members are required to disinfect their hands before and during their curly hair salon melbourne

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