The Common Problems With Conservatories


Conservatories can be a fantastic addition to any home. They’re multi-functional spaces that connect inside and out. But conservatories can have problems that can affect their usage and comfort.

Fortunately, these problems are easily remedied. This article will discuss some of the most common conservatory problems and how to solve them.

Heat Insulation

An uninsulated conservatory is not thermally efficient and can be too cold in winter or too hot during very sunny days. According to an article on a financial website, this can cause it to devalue a property by quite a significant amount.

This is because the walls are made of glass, a poor insulator, so heat leaks out in the winter and sunlight bleaches the colour during the summer. Adding a shingle or tiled roof will help with this, as well as giving the room an aesthetic boost.

Another issue with conservatories is that they can become far too bright at certain times of the day. This can make them uncomfortable to use, so finding a way to control the light is important. Blinds offer a cheap and easy solution, while polarised glass is a more expensive but effective option. Changing the roof and doors is also an excellent idea as these can make a big difference to how comfortable your conservatory is.

Sound Insulation

Conservatories have a lot to offer, and they can be used in so many ways. However, there are several problems that can limit their use. These problems can include cold spots, draughts and condensation. To resolve these issues, it’s essential to improve the insulation of your conservatory.

There are a number of ways to do this, but the best option is to install acoustic products at the time of construction. Adding acoustic products at this stage is much easier and cheaper than doing it at a later date.

Choosing the right doors, windows and roof will have a big impact on your conservatory. For example, bi-folding doors will open up the space and provide uninterrupted views of your garden. Similarly, a glazed conservatory roof will let in lots of sunlight and create a bright, airy room.

Light Control

Conservatories can be a great way to add more space to your home. However, they can suffer from problems that affect their use. Several common issues include leaks, condensation and a lack of natural light. These problems can be dealt with in a variety of ways.

Glass is a poor insulator, so conservatories can feel cold in winter and too hot during the summer. This can be improved by adding insulated curtains or by replacing the glass with more insulating materials. Another option is to replace the conservatory roof with a solid one. This will provide much better insulation, which will reduce energy consumption.

The doors, windows and style of conservatory roof have a big impact on the space. Options like bi-folding doors offer a wide range of styling options. A UPVC tiled roof, for example, offers a plastered ceiling with the opportunity to install down-lighters and is insurance approved by the JHAI. It also eliminates the need for planning permission, so your project can be completed in a shorter time frame.

Heat Loss

Conservatories are prone to losing heat, especially if they’re old and have polycarbonate roofs. The roof is the main source of this, since heat naturally rises and escapes through it. Replacing your existing conservatory roof with a quality, solid replacement is an effective way of keeping the heat in.

You can also use a wood burner to add heat to your conservatory on demand. However, this will need to be installed separately from the house heating system, since linking it up could overheat your home. A more sophisticated option is to install a conservatory electric UFH system, which can be set to operate at predetermined times so that your conservatory will always be warm enough to enjoy. However, this type of installation may require planning permission or Building Regulations approval. This is because it alters the structure of your conservatory. Those looking to keep the existing design should consider a lantern roof instead. These are less expensive and provide the same style but with a lower profile. conservatories bridgend

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