The Delta variant of COVID & N95 mask


The Delta variant of COVID-19 has been spreading across the globe like wildfire. Now, It’s obvious that vaccination alone can’t protect against this variant. Therefore, we have shared some tips to help you stay safe when it comes to coronavirus. Read on to find out more.

How the Delta Variant is Different

According to statistics, the Delta variant of the virus is 300% more contagious than the first variant of the virus. Early research studies suggest that this is because of the ability of the Delta variant to replicate much faster than the previous strains.

Apart from being more contagious, the symptoms of this infection are more severe. Although vaccines may reduce the severity of the infection, you can do a few simple things in order to protect yourself against the new variant.

The Delta Variant

The size of the particles of the Delta variant is.125 microns. In simple words, one single strain of human hair is 500% thicker than one coronavirus. The good news is that you can use the right type of face masks in order to filter out even smaller particles.

We know for sure that face masks can filter tiny viruses of influenza. But we are not sure if they are effective against this variant of the virus. According to facts and figures, the particles of the Delta variant are bigger than influenza particles.

According to a study done in Brazil, wearing the right type of mask can reduce your likelihood of catching the virus by 87%. It is as effective as the vaccine against the virus. There is no doubt that vaccines can also help you survive when you are infected.

In response to the new variant of the virus, fresh masking recommendations were released by CDC. According to CDC, a n95 mask is the best choice if you want the maximum protection against two different types of viruses including covid-19.

N95 masks or Surgical Masks

As far as preventing influenza infection is concerned, the surgical mask is are almost as effective as and 95 masks. Apart from this, both of these marks are capable of capturing tiny particles that are over 10 times smaller than COVID-19 particles.

Improving Ventilation

Since the concentration of the virus is relatively higher inside and closed spaces, COVID-19 spreads faster due to poor ventilation. Therefore, you may want to improve your indoor ventilation to bring the viral concentrations down. You can do this by keeping a few windows open during the day.

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