The Value of Yugioh Trading Cards


A few rare cards can make an enormous impact on the value of a Yugioh collection. For example, the Tournament Black Luster Soldier is worth over $9,000,000, according to Zen Market.

Some of the most valuable cards are prize cards that were awarded to players at special events. One such card is Exodia the Forbidden One, a legendary monster that lets you win when you have all five parts in your hand.


When the Yugioh trading cards game first appeared in 1999, few could have imagined that it would grow into a phenomenon rivaling Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering. But it did, spawning a huge multi-million dollar franchise that includes a manga, anime television show, and video games.

Those who enjoy competitive dueling can even compete in sanctioned tournaments. These events are often rewarded with exclusive cards that can boost your collection’s value. However, when a card gets damaged during play, it can lose some of its value. That’s why collectors should keep their cards in mint condition.

The coveted “Tyler the Great Warrior” was issued in 2005 as an exclusive card for a Make-A-Wish Foundation request by a young boy named Tyler Gressle, who battled liver cancer. The card is a one of a kind, and many collectors want it badly. It is ranked PSA Gem Mint, and its value has increased over the years. It has recently surpassed the $3 million mark.


In the past, the primary way that Yu-Gi-Oh cards were distributed was through booster sets. These typically contained five to nine cards (the exact number of cards varies between Konami and Upper Deck distribution areas) along with one tip card. They also often included a holographic/Ghost Rare card.

For the 25th Anniversary, a variety of classic booster sets will be making a welcome return to stores. This includes Metal Raiders, Spell Rules and Pharaoh’s Servant, Invasion of Chaos and many more. These reprints will provide the opportunity for both lapsed players and newcomers to get their hands on some of the most popular cards in the game.

These include the legendary winged Dragon of Ra and the hard-to-summon Link-6 Firewall Dragon evolution monster, both of which are among the most powerful cards in the game. In ungraded condition, a Beckett (BGS) 4.5 example of the former sells for around $5500. These reprints may help to drive demand for the older cards and increase their value as collectors seek them out.


There are three main factors that influence the value of a Yu-Gi-Oh card. They are condition, rarity and scarcity. The higher these factors are, the more valuable a card will be. The first factor is condition, which includes how the card has been kept over time. The second factor is rarity, which refers to how rare a card is in the general market.

The most expensive card in Yu-Gi-Oh is the Black Luster Soldier, a one-of-one card awarded at the first tournament in 1999. It was printed on stainless steel, making it an extremely sought-after item for collectors.

Another high-priced card is Exodia the Forbidden One, which was a limited edition card that made it into the final cut for the game’s first set, Legend of Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Its rare nature and its ability to summon an unmatched monster made it a favorite among duelists and collectors alike. A PSA 10 gem mint copy of the card sold for $10,600 (PS8,000) in January 2021.


Yu-Gi-Oh cards can be worth a lot of money, depending on their condition. Cards in top condition, which are professionally graded, usually sell for more than those in poorer condition.

Several factors determine the value of a card, including its rarity and its place in the Yu-Gi-Oh story. A one-of-a-kind card, such as the Black Luster Soldier, can be worth millions of dollars. This special card was printed on stainless steel as an exclusive award to the winner of the first Yu-Gi-Oh tournament in 1999.

Another high-value card is Exodia the Forbidden One, which Yugi Mutou summoned during his epic three-episode duel with Weevil Underwood in the Yu-Gi-Oh anime. This legendary monster can be combined from five different Exodia cards and grants its summoner instant victory. Raw copies of this prize card can sell for up to $1,500 each.

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