Tissot Battery Replacement


Tissot has a smart way of informing you when your battery is going low. The second hand moves every 4 seconds but still shows the correct time.

Tissot has a long history starting in 1853 in the Jura mountains of Switzerland. Their rich heritage combines precision and innovation with unmistakable luxury.

Battery Life

Tissot is best known for its iconic gear and sports watches, but it also produces elegant dress models. Its designs evoke luxury, and Tissot watches are crafted with durable, high-quality materials. Most models are water resistant, and many have a timeless style that can fit into any era.

A Tissot watch battery can last up to two years, but it is important to replace the battery when it gets low. A watch that is left with a dead battery can leak, damaging the movement. Most Tissot watches have a reserve indicator that lets you know when the battery is running low.

To change a battery in a Tissot watch, first you must open the case. Tissot watches do not use screw backs or pop-backs, but a unique system that seals the case with a gasket. To open the watch you must carefully remove a small clip that holds the retainer in place. The retainer has a rounded edge that helps it seat correctly in the case.

Expiry Date

Tissot watches have a long history of “firsts” in terms of timekeeping technology, materials and design. From the first pocket watch with two time zones in 1853 to the revolutionary touch-screen technology found on the Tissot T-Touch, the company is known for its commitment to upholding Swiss tradition and pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Customers are advised to take their Tissot watch to an authorised service centre for battery replacement, lubrication and other maintenance services. Violent shocks can damage internal components, and customers should avoid exposing their watch to magnetic fields (such as those produced by professional grade loudspeakers or electromagnetic refrigerators) or chemicals.

If a battery is left fully discharged for extended periods of time, it may leak and cause damage to the movement. To prevent this, customers are encouraged to use the reserve indicator or watch’s alarm function to alert them when the battery needs replacing. This will also ensure that only an original Tissot battery is fitted and that any necessary tests are carried out e.g. consumption test of the movement.


Tissot watches are renowned for their quality and craftsmanship. They uphold the tradition of Swiss watchmaking while pushing boundaries with innovative designs and materials. The brand’s dedication to precision and innovation has led them to become a leading global player in the industry.

The brand recommends having your Tissot battery replacement at least every two years. This will ensure that the movement remains in good condition and prolongs its life. It is also important to have your watch serviced at regular intervals to check worn parts and make any adjustments needed.

Violent shocks can damage internal components and should be taken to an authorised service centre as soon as possible. Exposure to magnetic fields can also affect a Tissot watch. Chemicals can also cause damage if they come into contact with the watch.

It is also important to keep your watch away from extreme temperatures. Tissot watches contain nickel, which may be an issue for people overly sensitive to this substance. However, Tissot goes to great lengths to utilise materials that are hypoallergenic.


Depending on how long it has been since the watch was last serviced, the battery may need to be replaced. This is because the oils and lubricants that keep the mechanism running can dry out, leading to increased friction and decreased battery life. Additionally, the use of various functions can consume varying amounts of battery power, also reducing its life.

A Tissot quartz watch tends to cost less to repair than a mechanical or automatic timepiece, due to their simple design and battery-powered movement. However, the exact amount you’ll pay for a Tissot watch service will depend on the model and movement.

PROFESSIONAL ULTRASONIC CLEANING of the case and bracelet with every complete or partial service. Replacement of the crown, pushers/corrector, crystal (except shaped mineral and sapphire crystals), gaskets, battery (if quartz calibre) and restoration and checking of the water resistance in compliance with Tissot quality standards. Two-years warranty on the intervention performed.

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