Top 10 Portable Fire Pump Manufacturers


A fire pump is a key component of any water-based fire protection system. It’s important to choose the right one for your fire suppression system. The following top 10 fire pump manufacturers offer cutting-edge technology, superior quality, and extensive experience.

Mercedes ultra-light portable fire pumps are low maintenance and easy to start. They are ideal for wild land, hunting camp and cottage fire protection.

Rosenbauer is an international company and a reliable partner to fire services around the world. The group develops and produces vehicles, extinguishing systems and digital solutions. Its products meet all the main sets of standards and are renowned for their safety features. The company has production plants in Europe and Asia. The American branch is located in Lyons, South Dakota, Sioux Falls, Wyoming and Freemont, Nebraska.

Rosenbauer’s custom pumpers deliver unquestionable reliability and are engineered with flexibility in mind. They offer a variety of customizable options, including dump valves, Green Star idle reduction technology and more. They can be built on both commercial and custom chassis.

The RTX is a compact, all-wheel drive, electric fire truck with a small turning radius and an impressive 47.5’ front axle swing, making it ideal for narrow city streets. Its driveshaft-free design also enables lower entry cab height and a spacious, comfortable crew cabin. The RTX is the perfect choice for fire departments looking to improve fleet performance and efficiency.
Liancheng Group

Established in 1993, this group company is a domestic well-known large group enterprise specializing in the research and production of pump, valve and fluid transportation system as well as electronic control systems. It holds a large pump test center, a three-coordinate measurer, a dynamic-static measurement instrument, quick laser shaping instruments and multi-functional shot-blasting machine, automatic argon-arc welders and large lathes and mills with numeral control machine tools etc. More than 2000 sets of various nationwide and worldwide advanced production and detection facilities are also in operation.

Every year the company puts a considerable amount of capital into technical innovation, product development and equipment import, up to now, it has obtained up to 600 national patent technologies, taking part in the draft-out and edition of both national and industrial standards, covering water conservancy, chemical industry, fire-fighting, city water supply fields etc. Its headquarters is located in fengbang industrial park and under it there are several wholly owned subsidiaries and holding companies such as Shanghai Liancheng Pump Manufacturing Co Ltd, Shanghai Liancheng Motor Co Ltd, Shanghai Liancheng Valve Co Ltd, Shanghai Liancheng Group Logistics Co. Ltd, Shanghai Wolders Environment Engineering Equipment Co Ltd and Shanghai Ametek Industrial Equipment Co. Ltd, among others.

Ni po er hua qiu is a Chinese herbal remedy that has many potential benefits. It contains a variety of nutrients and is good for the heart, skin, blood, and joints. It also helps prevent cancer and protects the liver. It is also used as an antidepressant and can help reduce anxiety. It can also lower blood pressure and treat diabetes. Ni po er hua quai is available in several forms, including tablets, capsules, and teas. It is recommended to take the supplement if you have a high cholesterol level or heart disease.

Founded 8 years ago, HuaQiu is committed to changing the traditional service model of the electronics industry chain. The company uses social community, intelligent manufacturing, industrial data and other means to re-activate the industry’s vitality. As a result, HuaQiu has become a one-stop service platform for the entire electronics industry supply chain.

Honda portable fire fighting pumps are a must for every fire station. They are designed to be self-contained and easy to use, with the latest advancements in air-cooled engines, materials, and pump technology. They are also made to meet world-wide regulations governing noise levels, exhaust emissions, and other safety issues.

The Angus portable fire pump range includes petrol and diesel powered units, with various capacities. Each one is built and designed using the latest technological advances, innovations, and materials, and meets or exceeds NFPA and EN standards.

Honda’s high-pressure pumps have maximum pressure of 220-375 psi* and a flow rate of 110-155 US GPM*. They can be used in areas where hose lines cannot be run due to the distance or elevation, and are ideal for wildland firefighting applications. Honda’s portable fire fighting pumps are engineered for durability and low maintenance costs. They have a hard-anodized body for long-life and reduced weight, and bronze impellers and replaceable wear-rings for low portable fire pump

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