Using LEGO to Re-Create Charmander


Fans of the Pokemon franchise have a wide range of merchandise to choose from. Some of these items are official, while others are created by fans themselves.

This particular fan decided to create a LEGO version of one of the series’ pocket monsters, Charmander. It was a bit of an undertaking, but the end result is incredible.

A life-size version of Charmander made using LEGOs

A Pokemon fan decided to use LEGOs to re-create one of the franchise’s most popular starters, Lego Charmander The Fire-type pocket monster has an orangish body with a tan underbelly and a tail that is on fire.

The Reddit user known as Ddave has created a life-size Charmander using a large number of LEGO pieces. It took the builder a lot of work to create this masterpiece, but it was worth it for the results.

While the LEGO brand hasn’t made official Pokemon sets, there are a few competing building block brands that do offer Pokemon-themed items. Mega Construx, for instance, sells small blocks that resemble LEGOs and are very affordable. They also sell kits that allow builders to assemble all the different Pokemon characters. The only downside is that there are no instructions or guidance from the brand. That’s why a lot of builders turn to Legos instead of Mega Construx. But the best part is that there’s no limit to what you can create with Legos.

A LEGO version of Charizard

One of the most iconic Pokemon is Charizard. Its sleek design and impressive evolutions made it a powerhouse in the competitive arena.

There is no shortage of fan-made Pokemon Lego sets, but the company has yet to release an official Charizard set. Thankfully, one dedicated LEGO and Pokemon fan has taken matters into their own hands by crafting a brick version of the dragon-inspired creature using LEGOs.

The aforementioned model features a cool looking flaming tail, as well as some other interesting design elements that make it stand out from the crowd. It is not only the largest Charizard in LEGO form, but also one of the most fun to assemble.

The creators of this build, known as Brickmill Studios, have a YouTube channel that has helped to spread the word about their impressive Lego creations. They have even produced a series of videos that reveal how to build a number of the more impressive’mons.

A LEGO version of Bulbasaur

If you’re a fan of Nintendo and Game Freak’s Pokemon franchise, you may have noticed that Bulbasaur is one of the most beloved pocket monsters in the world. This Gen 1 starter was first seen in Pokemon Red and Green and has since been featured in many spin-off games, merchandise, and animated adaptations of the franchise.

This Grass/Poison-type Pokemon has a unique design, with blue-green coloration and dark spots all over its body. It has three claws on all four legs, large red eyes, and a plant bulb on its back that it can shoot seeds with.

A talented LEGO builder named Ddave recently took on the challenge of building a life-sized version of Bulbasaur using 10,000 LEGO bricks. The results are truly impressive, and this Pokemon-themed build is sure to impress fans of the series. If you want to see more of Ddave’s creations, be sure to check out his YouTube channel. It’s filled with a ton of fun and nerdy content!

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