Wholesale Leather Bags Made in Florence, Italy


Wholesale leather bags made in Florence, Italy. Directly from the manufacturers, brands and artisans at competitive wholesale prices for resellers. Private label also available.

Italian high fashion bags, purses, clutches, tote bag, messenger bags, backpacks and briefcases. Mostly in leather, but some with canvas and straw. Most artisan-made and of excellent quality.
High Quality

Producer of high quality genuine leather handbags entirely Made in Italy realized by skilled local personnel. Each bag is designed following a typical Italian fashion taste, taking also into consideration a vintage and classic style. Private Label is available.

Resellers can find a vast assortment of trendy handbags, purses, clutches, tote bags, messenger bags, backpacks and briefcases, as well as leather goods and leather accessories made from real or faux leather, organic fabric or straw. All offered by renowned Italian manufacturers and brands that sell directly to wholesalers with reasonable low minimums.

Many of them also offer a Custom Design or Private Label service, in which you can provide your own designs and have them manufactured at the factory under your own brand name. Find out more by registering on the ItalianModa B2B marketplace (for free) and submitting your requests to the best-matching Italian factories or artisans. They will reply promptly with their catalogues and wholesale prices.

Aside from the quality and attention to detail that go into each bag, Italian leather bags wholesale are also very durable. The durability of these products comes from the vegetable tanning process that uses full-grain hides. This process makes the leather soft and supple, while also ensuring it is resistant to stains, making it perfect for handbags.

Unlike nubuck and suede, which are made from top-grain hides that have been buffed, Italian leather is incredibly soft. It is also much easier to clean, only needing a bit of water and a soft cloth.

If you’re looking for high-fashion, high-quality, genuine leather bags for your store or boutique, shop unique handmade Italian bags on our exclusive wholesale marketplace. Our Italian manufacturers, artisans and brands offer a wide range of high-fashion designs in a variety of models and colors to suit your needs. We can also help you with a private label or collection development service to ensure your brand is completely exclusive.

Italian manufacturers, brands, and bag artisans offer exclusive fashionable leather bags wholesale made in Italy: trendy handbags, purses, clutches, tote bags, messenger bags, backpacks, briefcases. All bags are designed and realized by local master artisans following a typical Italian fashion taste, sometimes also taking into account a vintage or classic style.

Depending on the bag design, the cutting artisan will select the most appropriate leather material from the vast assortment of leathers available. Then the pattern is cut and the bags are assembled and stitched with utmost care and precision.

Many Italian bag companies also offer a Private Label service to help brand owners develop their own line of exclusive “Made in Italy” leather bags. To request a quotation please visit the B2B marketplace ItalianModa (free of charge). Describe your needs as precisely as possible and qualified Italian suppliers will contact you directly. It’s easy and fast! Since 2000 ItalianModa has helped business people find, select, and contact qualified Italian manufacturers, brands, and artisans to produce high-quality fashion products for a wide range of markets worldwide.

The unique and timeless design of these Italian leather bags is sure to appeal to customers around the world. The use of genuine cowhide leather is a testament to the quality and durability of these bags. The craftsmanship also shows in the details of each bag. The seaming is meticulous and precise, with attention to detail that ensures that each bag is a perfect fit.

These wholesale bags can be used for many occasions, from a day out on the town to a more formal event. The leather will age beautifully, becoming softer and more supple over time. The colors will also fade naturally, giving the bag a vintage look and feel.

Discover luxury Italian bag manufacturers and brands that offer high-fashion bags at wholesale prices for resellers. These companies can provide you with exclusive fashion bags, purses, clutches, tote bags, messenger bags and backpacks with reasonable low minimums. Register now on the ItalianModa B2B marketplace to contact a selection of qualified Italian manufacturers, artisans and brands.wholesale leather bags italy

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