Words of Validation for Men


A reliable and effective relationship skill is validation. Validation goes beyond just being nice or polite, it is about letting someone know that their feelings matter to you.

Using validation effectively means listening to what someone has to say without judging them or their perspective. This is called empathy and it can help reduce conflict in relationships.

  1. “I love you”

Budding romantic relationships are often laced with as much anxiety as they are excitement. One of the earliest milestones is declaring love, and for some, this can be a terrifying moment of truth. There’s no specific timeline for when it’s appropriate to say “I love you,” but assessing passion, intimacy, trust and commitment may help you gauge if it’s the right time.

If your partner lights up like a Christmas tree when complimented; has a playlist of love songs; adores thoughtful texts, sweet greeting cards or notes and getting tagged in romantic social media posts, chances are their primary love language is words of affirmation. They crave validation and need to hear that you see them as their best self. Providing this affirmation is key to building a healthy, loving relationship with them.

  1. “I’m proud of you”

For men, this validation shows that they’ve not only noticed their recent accomplishment but all the work they put into it as well. It also reminds them that they were brave in the face of a difficult challenge and that they did a good job keeping themselves on track.

Many people, especially women, seek out male validation. This can be due to a number of reasons: they were raised by parents who valued their opinions, they’re trying to break the “Patriarchy” of gender roles, or they simply want someone in their lives to validate their decisions.

Validating your partner’s feelings is a way to give them what they’re looking for without making them feel needy or insecure. It also builds trust and a sense of security in the relationship.

  1. “You’re right”

When someone disagrees with you, the first thing most people want to do is defend their stance. But, if you validate their thoughts or feelings instead of challenging them, they’ll often soften.

When you tell a person that they’re right, it shows that you value their opinion and that they have a strong grasp on reality. And it can also be a powerful way to connect with someone.

Many women seek validation from men, whether they believe that their worth is based on compliments or that they need male approval to advance in the workplace. Seeking male validation can be damaging, however. It’s important for women to learn how to validate themselves. And the best way to do this is by focusing on their own personal goals and passion projects.

  1. “Thank you”

When you thank someone for their contributions it reinforces the idea that their actions are important to you. This is a form of validation that also encourages continued positive behavior in the relationship.

Seeking validation from men can be problematic because it can make you think that your worth is based on what a man says or does for you. This can cause you to seek compliments from other men or sexual experiences that don’t truly nourish your soul.

To resist seeking male validation, take the time to identify when you’re doing it and change your response to one that validates your partner. It’s surprisingly easy and can make all the difference. For example, try saying something like, “You’re crazy, and I love you for it.” It’s much more meaningful than a simple thank you.

  1. “I appreciate you”

Men like to know that their kindness is noticed. When someone goes out of their way to help you, tell them that their efforts are appreciated with this simple phrase.

This is especially important for friends, as it lets them know that they are loved and valued. Many people take the time of their friends for granted, but letting them know that you appreciate their help can make all the difference.

Especially for those who have an inspiring presence, telling them that you admire their character is a powerful validation. Whether it’s their bravery to face a difficult challenge or their patience in helping you through tough times, it shows that they have an impact on your life. And that’s a big deal! You can never have too many good friends.words of validation for men

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