How powerful is Cosmic Ghost Rider? Strengths and Weaknesses

Cosmic Ghost Rider

During Earth’s final stand against Thanos, Frank Castle, the Punisher, was killed. In Hell, his soul suffered for the crimes he committed throughout his lifetime, and in the end, a deal struck with Mephisto saw him become the latest Ghost Rider. Upon returning to Earth, Thanos had already disappeared and everything was dead.

Ghost Rider was found by Galactus after endless years alone. In exchange for allowing him to devour Earth, Galactus agreed to make him his Herald. As a result, he became the Cosmic Ghost Rider and a Herald of Galactus.

Cosmic Ghost Rider Marvel Legends
Cosmic Ghost Rider Marvel Legends

Cosmic Ghost Rider’s Mechanics

The game offers many choices like the choice of your own adventure in “Choose Your Own Adventure”. Different actions trigger different buffs, and buffs lead to judgments. The primary purpose of a cosmic ghost rider’s quest for Judgements is because they increase the duration of other buffs until the rider consumes all of his Judgements.

It is important to manage the order in which Cosmic Ghost Rider’s buffs are triggered to get the most out of the high-impact ones and then combine them with Armor Breaks for maximum value. If you are facing Cosmic Ghost Rider, you need to prevent his buffs and associated judgments.

When his Judgement hasn’t yet triggered, the FATE seal on his building counter should be used to reset it, and the Unblockable buff on his Special one should also be respected. He becomes a much more dangerous defense threat with the ability to unleash his 5th Judgment, which triggers a much more terrifying Damnation Debuff upon unlocking it.

Cosmic Ghost Rider Wiki
Cosmic Ghost Rider Wiki

Character Class: Cosmic

A few basic abilities: Immunity Bleed, Immunity Incinerate, Fury, and Armor Break


  • Buffs!
    • It is possible to trigger some powerful buffs on the Cosmic Ghost Rider, allowing him to stack them and produce some powerful combos and DPS spikes!
  • Immunities
    • He has complete immunity to Bleed and Incinerate, which gives him some favorable matchups against Champions and Quest Buffs.
  • Controllable Playstyle
    • While Cosmic Ghost Rider certainly wants to unleash hell when he reaches 5 Judgments, you have quite a bit of control over when this happens, making Cosmic Ghost Rider surprisingly viable even in more complicated fights.


  • Buffs!
    • MCoC buffs are a classic example of a double-edged sword. Cosmic Ghost Rider may be powerful, but if he’s hit by something that nullifies his buffs, he’s in trouble.
  • Armor Break/Debuff Immunity
    • Makes the Cosmic Ghost Rider extremely effective in stacking Armor Breaks on his opponent without a lot of effort. Regardless of how they address or ignore these effects, he will see a different damage output.
  • Power Control
    • In order to slingshot through the loop, Cosmic Ghost Rider needs to use his Power Gain Buff correctly. If he gets Power Controlled at the wrong moment, it can break his rotation.


Q: How Strong Is He?

A: Johnny Blaze has the strength to lift up to five tons when imbued with Ghost Rider powers. This strength also makes you invulnerable to most physical attacks.

Although this is his standard strength level, it has been revealed that Ghost Rider can become much more substantial in his more recent history. The upper limits of his super strength are nearly indefinite. That is if Zarathos takes complete control.

Q: What Are Ghost Rider’s Upper Limits?

A: The upper limit of Ghost Rider’s powers is near-infinite. The host’s limitations temper them. During the World War Hulk storyline, Hulk had become powerful enough to defeat every hero with relative ease. When Zarathos takes control of Blaze’s body, however, he can quickly level the Hulk.

Ghost Rider’s powers put him on a god-like status according to Dr. Strange in this issue. In the universe, Zarathos could have been one of the most powerful deities if not for the limitations of his host.

Q: Who’s In Control?

A: Johnny Blaze has complete control over the spirit and uses its abilities to fight evil. Zarathos has, however, taken control of the ship on a few rare occasions. Surprisingly enough, Blaze’s willpower is strong enough that he can win back control from the demon most times.

Zarathos’ need for a host is what keeps the two together. Zarathos does not survive on Earth without a human host because he is a demon. As the demon’s hell power drives him to enact terrible revenge at night, Blaze takes responsibility for himself.

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