Heating and Cooling Parts Near Me


When your furnace or air conditioning equipment needs repairs, it is important to work with a professional HVAC contractor. This will ensure that the work is done correctly and the equipment works as it should.

Finding the closest HVAC supplies near a job site saves time for both the technician and the customer. It also allows the technician to complete more jobs in a day.

Furnace Parts

Furnaces provide warmth to your home in the winter, and they work with ducts and ventilation to distribute the air throughout the house. If you notice a problem with your furnace, it’s important to have an experienced HVAC professional diagnose the issue and make necessary repairs. This can help prevent safety hazards, like gas or carbon monoxide leaks, from occurring.

The main parts of a furnace include the thermostat and electrical controls, gas valve, burners, heat exchanger, blower, and duct and ventilation systems. During the heating process, combustion fumes are vented out of your home through a flue pipe. Oil-powered furnaces use a chimney, and propane and gas furnaces vent through metal ductwork.

Common furnace repair and replacement parts include a blower motor, thermocouple, and ignitor. The thermocouple is a vital component that opens the gas line when the pilot light is lit, and it closes the line when the flame goes out. An ignitor creates the flame that ignites the burner, and it costs between $150 and $250 to replace.

Air Conditioner Parts

Air conditioning parts are crucial to keeping homes cool. The best air conditioner parts are high quality, durable and easy to install. Air filters are essential to keep the system clean and the air breathable. Relays & contactors are basically switches that turn on high voltage components like motors & compressors. Air compressors are the heart of an air conditioning unit and must be kept in top working condition to ensure maximum performance.

Rolling up your sleeves and attempting DIY maintenance can save you money. However, tampering with HVAC equipment can be dangerous and is not recommended unless you have the proper training and licensing.

Your YORK residential HVAC dealer has the information, training and access to genuine YORK parts to help you get the job done right. This includes ignitors, flame sensors, blower fan motors, inducer fans, gas valves and fuses. Purchasing the nearest HVAC parts can also save on travel time and get you to your next job faster.

Heat Pump Parts

When you’re looking to upgrade your heating system, a ducted heat pump offers an energy-efficient alternative to fossil fuels like propane or oil. Like central air conditioners, they consist of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit that work together to climate-control your house. They contain aluminum fins and coils to release or collect heat, a compressor to compress and circulate refrigerant, and a blower that moves warm or cool air throughout your home’s ducts. If you choose to install a heat pump in your home, consider finding a contractor who specializes in this equipment. Ask friends and neighbors for recommendations or consult green-energy resource groups in your area.

To find the right replacement parts for your ducted heat pump, enter its model number in a search bar on this site to see a list of compatible items. Then, narrow your selection by using the part category and part name filters to find the best products for your specific model. Heating and cooling parts near me

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