Spa Massage Equipment

The equipment and supplies needed for a professional spa room can vary depending on what services are offered. For example, a spa that offers facials will require different tools and equipment than one that focuses on massage.

Buying large professional spa equipment can be expensive. However, there are ways to minimize costs and still get the best equipment for your business.

Spa tables

Équipements spa massage tables are specially designed to enhance client comfort and support. They are also able to accommodate different types of treatments. The best tables will offer a range of height adjustments, and some even come with bolsters for added support. The upholstery should be comfortable and durable. There are two main types of upholstery – PVC and PU leather. PVC is cheaper and feels like plastic, while PU is more similar to leather.

Spa treatment tables are available in stationary and portable models. They are ideal for salons and spas, and they can be used to provide services to clients in their homes as well. They are often padded and feature armrests, face cradles, and head supports. Choosing a spa table that offers maximum client comfort is important, so look for a table with thick padding and high-quality upholstery. It is also worth checking the weight capacity of the table to ensure it will hold the client’s weight without sagging or breaking.

Massage tables

There are many different types of massage tables, including portable, stationary, and hydraulic models. Some have features like headrests, armrests, and heating. Some also have carrying cases for easy transportation. They can be constructed from wood or aluminum, and they are available in a wide range of sizes.

The best massage table should be padded, allowing clients to lie comfortably throughout the entire treatment. The thickness of the padding is important, as well as the quality. Thin foam tends to sag and develop air pockets, while higher-quality padding is more durable.

A good massage table should also be sturdy and lightweight. Many therapists travel with their tables, so they need a model that is easy to set up and break down. A massage table that weighs too much can put a strain on the therapist’s body. It is also a good idea to get a lightweight table with a spacious area for the client.


The equipment that you use to perform your services will help make the experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible for your clients. We have an extensive selection of loungers, portable massage tables, trolleys and carts as well as therapist stools to choose from, all with careful consideration for quality to ensure that your clients are kept comfortable and safe.

We also carry multi purpose stools that can be used in salons, spas and barber shops. These stools are easy to maneuver and adjustable with a hydraulic rolling mechanism with an easy-to-reach handle paddle to adjust the height. They are also durable, with a seat and back cushion that’s generously padded to ensure client comfort. This stool series comes in a variety of modern colors.


For those who can’t or don’t want to be in the same position during their entire treatment, a massage chair offers a comfortable place to sit and relax. Many electric spa chairs have vibrating and heating components that help to relieve sore muscles, promote circulation and relax tendons and ligaments.

Sinett recommends choosing a chair that has an S-track or L-track, which hits more areas of the back than a traditional roller-based massager. She also suggests opting for one with an integrated waist heater, which helps relieve tension and soreness in the buttocks, thighs and calves.

Most massage chairs come with a built-in timer to help clients avoid overusing the chair. However, using a massage chair for extended periods of time can cause soreness and worsen preexisting injuries, so it is recommended to use a massage chair in short intervals, around 15 minutes. Ideally, a client will then follow up with some stretching and water to flush out any toxins.

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