Where can I watch Silk Marvel? Streaming Platforms?

Marvel Legends Silk

Marvel Legends Silk

The channel or platform that Silk marvel will go on is currently unknown. However, Variety reported sources claiming Amazon is in negotiations to grab the project for a streamed series.

Furthermore, Amazon is also in talks about other unnamed Marvel/Sony projects, which could mean an influx of Spider-Man-centric TV shows with Silk possibly at the center. Will this be Amazon’s version of the Netflix/Marvel Defenders universe?

Marvel Silk
Marvel Silk

Who is Silk Marvel?

Spider-Man’s web-slinging counterpart is Silk from the Marvel Universe. In 2014, she appeared in the series Spider-Verse by Dan Slott and starred in her own Marvel Comics series by Robbie Thompson.

Silk’s real name is Cindy Moon. On the same day that Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider, Korean-American high school student Cindy Moon was also bitten, by that same itchy bitsy spider.

Ezekiel Sims, a billionaire with abilities similar to Spider-Man, approached Cindy in her twenties with an offer she couldn’t refuse. Unlike Peter, Cindy barely had time to overcome her powers when she was approached by him and her family. Ezekiel locks Cindy up in isolation after he trains her for a few years during the time Morlun hunts and kills spider heroes across the multiverse. Cindy is locked away for ten years until Spider-Man discovers her existence and frees her.

In the Spider-Verse’s aftermath, Cindy works a desk job at J while she adjusts to her new life as a superhero. Fact Channel by Jonah Jameson. (Jonah refers to her as Analog because she still uses a pen and paper, unlike her colleagues who use iPads and iPhones.) Her personal life involves making up for lost time with her family and friends, who have all moved on in her absence.

What is the storyline of the Silk TV series?

Currently, the plot of the untitled Silk series is unknown. As with all Marvel projects, it may or may not closely follow the comics.


Q: What universe will Silk appear in?

A: Marvel/Sony and Marvel Studios have never been more blurred, with Morbius (delayed until 2021) confirmed to take place in the MCU and Venom, previously disconnected, and now connected. In addition to Silk, Sony also had a Silk film in development, but it is not clear if it is now working on both projects simultaneously, or whether Silk will be a television series.

Q: How Are Silk’s Powers Different From Spider-Man’s?

A: Both heroes have the same abilities due to being bitten by the same spider; they can run up walls, have a sense of impending danger, and have increased agility and stamina, and more. There are, however, a few differences.

Cindy, for example, creates her organic webbing. In most new versions of Peter’s story, he has to make a chemical formula for webbing and attach web-shooters to his costume. The webbing of Cindy and Peter is also insulated against electricity, but not the other. Similarly, Cindy can produce claw-like protrusions from her hands to use in a fight using her ability to produce organic webbing.

Q: Are Silk’s Multiverse Counterparts Heroes Too?

A: Even fans who aren’t familiar with comic book multiverses have an idea of how they work thanks to movies like Into theSpiderVerse and television events like Crisis on Infinite Earths. Because Silk has only existed in comics since 2014, not many of her multiverse counterparts have been explored.

As of now, the one fans have seen in the comics isn’t heroic. Instead, Silk of Earth-65 is a villain. Even taking away Spider-Gwen’s powers with the technology at her disposal is one of her achievements. Cindy comes face-to-face with her evil counterpart and has to fight her.

Q: Has Cindy Moon Appeared In The Marvel Cinematic Universe?

A: Sony owns the screen rights to Spider-Man and his associated characters, but those rights were shared with Marvel Studios when Spider-Man was incorporated into Captain America: Civil War. Spider-Man characters may not have been noticed in the MCU because they’re scattered throughout.

Her civilian counterpart has appeared onscreen but she hasn’t been in her costume and saving lives in the MCU. As Tiffany Espensen in Spider-Man: Homecoming, she is a classmate of Peter Parker. Peter and his classmates were also on her school bus in Avengers: Infinity War, but she hasn’t been seen since.

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