What Is an Eyeleting Machine?


Eyeleting machine is an industrial device that can be used to make holes and place eyelets in textile materials, tarpaulins, or other products. It can be operated manually or based on automation. It can also be adjusted to suit the needs of a specific production company.

An eyelet consists of a metal ring that protrudes from a long barrel. The flange size often determines the strength of an eyelet, and it can be set using various tools and machines.


There are different types of Eyeleting machines, and each one serves a specific purpose. The most common type is the manual machine, which uses a plier to insert eyelets into materials and fabrics. These machines are ideal for tarpaulin, leather, printing, and advertisement jobs. They can speed up finishing and reduce physical wear and tear on operators.

The other type of machine is the automatic eyelet punching machine, which automatically punches and sets the eyelets in fabric binders or fabrics. This type of machine is suitable for eyelets from 3.5-6.0 mm inner diameter. The machine has a pre-punching device and a magazine for the eyelets, which are fed automatically.

The eyelet machine also has a table and stoppers that clamp the material in place. The stops are usually adjustable, allowing the user to set the eyelet closer or farther from the edge of the material. The stops might even have a ruler etched on them for easy measurement.


The eyelet machine is a specialized textile device that creates and reinforces eyelets in one step. It consists of a table with stoppers that hold the fabric in place, a hopper for eyelets, and a die to punch holes for the eyelets. It also includes a hammer to tap the eyelets into the fabric. The eyelet machine can be used to embellish textiles or metals. It is particularly useful for PVC banners and mesh materials.

The advantages of a manual eyelet machine include versatility, speed and durability. It is also easy to use and can be employed in a wide range of creative projects. The machines work with both metal and plastic eyelets, although it is recommended to choose clear plastic eyelets for the best results, since they are transparent and do not stain or wear the banner material. In addition, they are recyclable, which saves on shipping costs and helps reduce waste. The machines are a good choice for businesses and individuals who want to make their products more attractive.


The eyelet machine is a flexible piece of equipment that can be used for various purposes. It can be used to create holes for eyelets, grommets, snaps, boot and skate hooks, and other attachments. It is also capable of punching holes for a variety of fabric types, making it an invaluable tool for shoe materials, textiles toys manufacturers, Tarpaulin, and other projects.

It is also a cost-effective investment, as it can help businesses save on outsourcing costs by allowing them to produce their own eyelets in-house. Moreover, these machines are easy to use and can save valuable time by automating the process of eyelet production. In addition to their functionality, they are also lightweight and portable, allowing them to be easily transported from one location to another. Additionally, they are available in a variety of sizes and can be used to attach eyelets of different diameters. Depending on your needs, you can choose the appropriate eyelet machine for your project.


An eyelet machine makes the process of setting eyelets quick and simple. Its unique design eliminates the need to punch a hole in the fabric before inserting it, which reduces labor and creates more consistent results than hand-setting eyelets. Additionally, eyelet machines can be used on a variety of fabrics, including polyester and cotton.

When a fabric is ready for eyelets, the operator presses the foot switch and the bottom set clamps the fabric firmly in place. The spear point of the top set pierces the material and the end of the eyelet or grommet is then inserted in to the hole.

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